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When it comes to starting a business, there are many options available. One of the most popular choices is between ZenBusiness and BizFilings. Both companies offer unique solutions for entrepreneurs who want to start their own business quickly and efficiently. But which one offers the best services? In this article we’ll compare both companies side-by-side, so you can decide which one fits your needs – and gives you the freedom you crave!

Overview Of Zenbusiness

ZenBusiness is a rapidly growing platform for entrepreneurs and small business owners starting up their companies. Founded in Austin, Texas in 2015, the company has since expanded to serve customers from all 50 U.S. states as well as Washington D.C., with over 200,000 businesses having been launched on their platform to date. This tremendous growth can be attributed to ZenBusiness’ great reputation for providing quality services at an affordable price point, ensuring that those who choose them have access to the necessary resources needed when setting out on the journey of entrepreneurship without compromising value or service selection.

When it comes to entity selection, there are few options better than ZenBusiness’s range of packaged services tailored specifically to each individual customer’s needs. The team works diligently alongside clients every step of the way, offering guidance and advice whenever necessary throughout the formation process – something not many other platforms offer at such an accessible cost-basis. Furthermore, they provide transparent pricing structures so you know exactly what you’re paying for upfront; no hidden fees! In addition to these features, they also make sure your documents are filed correctly and promptly with state agencies within 24 hours – making ZenBusiness one of the quickest and most reliable formation platforms available today.

Whether you’re looking for assistance selecting a business structure suitable for your venture or filing documents quickly and accurately with state agencies – ZenBusiness offers everything you need under one roof. With unbeatable customer support, competitive prices, quick turnarounds times and more – it’s no wonder why so many entrepreneurs trust this reputable brand when launching their business ideas into reality!

Overview Of Bizfilings

BizFilings is an online business formation service that helps entrepreneurs incorporate their businesses and remain compliant with state regulations. Founded in 1998, the company has since helped more than 500,000 small businesses file for incorporation or other entity selection options such as LLCs, Nonprofits, DBAs etc. With offices across the US and a team of experienced legal advisors, BizFilings provides comprehensive services to help new business owners understand the compliance requirements for each state.

The process provided by BizFilings starts with selecting the right type of entity structure based on individual needs such as asset protection, liability protection, taxes and costs associated with filing filings fees. Additionally, one can request additional services like registered agent representation , annual report maintenance, name availability searches etc., depending upon the nature of the business. The website also offers helpful resources such as articles about different types of entities and how to select the best option for your specific industry sector.

Once you have chosen your entity type and filled out all required documents correctly then Bizfilings will submit them to the Secretary Of State office along with any applicable filing fees. Furthermore they provide ongoing support throughout this entire process until you receive your certificate of good standing from your state government agency proving that you are legally formed according to jurisdiction laws. Moving forward into pricing comparisons between ZenBusiness and BizFiling is important when picking which registration service is best suited for you.

Pricing Comparisons

When researching business formation services, cost effectiveness and filing speed are two of the most important factors. In this section, we’ll compare the pricing plans for ZenBusiness and BizFilings to determine which is more cost effective and efficient for prospective clients.

ZenBusiness offers three different packages ranging from $49-$299 with additional features available at each level. They also offer add-ons such as registered agent service for an extra fee. The basic package includes a name availability search, state filing fees, operating agreement document creation, and one year of registered agent service. The mid-level package adds on logo design tools, financial projections spreadsheet templates, and entity compliance reminders. Lastly, their highest tier plan provides access to a network of partners who provide discounts on various services related to setting up your new business.

On the other hand, BizFilings has four packages that range in price from $99-$349 plus state fees; they do not offer any add-on services like ZenBusiness does however they provide a 25% discount if you pay upfront instead of monthly payments. Their basic package is similar to ZenBusiness’ but lacks the added bonuses included in their higher tiers such as free telephone consultations with attorneys or CPA’s about specific legal issues pertaining to starting your own business. Both companies have quick turnaround times when it comes to filing documents with the state; both boast 5 day or less processing time depending on the complexity of your filings.

In terms of overall value for money spent, it can be difficult to decide between these two competing services when considering pricing alone. Both offer competitive rates along with unique benefits so it will ultimately come down to what best fits your individual needs as far as budgeting goes and how quickly you need everything completed by. Next up we’ll evaluate ease of use offered by each company…

Ease Of Use

As a business research analyst, it is essential to consider the ease of use when comparing zenbusiness and bizfilings. To provide an accurate comparison, I’ll analyze both services in regards to navigation options and user interface.

Imagining myself as a new customer, I’d be looking for clear instructions on how to complete the setup process with either service. Fortunately, navigating through both websites proved easy and straightforward. On zenbusiness’s website, customers can find helpful guides that explain each step along the way. Similarly, bizfilings has an intuitive dashboard that offers visual instruction throughout their setup process.

When considering user interface design, zenbusiness provides a modern look with clean lines while still maintaining its professional appearance. Bizfilings also keeps up with web trends by providing crisp visuals that make using their site enjoyable. With either option selected, users will have no problem finding what they need quickly and efficiently without having to search around clunky menus or outdated designs.

Both companies offer quality services in terms of navigation options and user interface experience; however, neither one stands above the other here in this category. Customers who are looking for quick results should note that both zenbusiness and bizfilings excel at making their respective sites easy-to-use for even novice internet users. Moving forward, let’s now explore how these companies compare when it comes to customer support offerings.

Customer Support

When researching which business formation service to use, customer support is an essential factor. It is important that customers be able to receive help quickly and easily when they need it. This section will compare the customer support options offered by ZenBusiness and BizFilings.

ZenBusiness provides a comprehensive helpdesk with easy-to-follow tutorials and articles as well as one-on-one live chat so you can get your questions answered in real time. They also offer phone support Monday through Friday from 9 AM – 6 PM Central Time for those who prefer speaking directly on the phone. User feedback shows that their team of specialists are knowledgeable and helpful in addressing any concerns or issues quickly.

BizFilings offers 24/7 online chat services along with email support where you can ask specific questions about filing fees, legal documents, state laws, etc., and generally receive answers within 1 business day. Additionally, they provide telephone assistance during regular business hours (Monday–Friday). Customers report being pleased with the level of service provided by their experienced personnel who know how to assist clients efficiently.

Some additional features of both companies’ customer support include:

  • Accessibility – Both have multiple contact methods available including live chat & phone lines; emails are responded within 1 day
  • Knowledgeable Staff – Experienced staff members have been trained extensively in order to answer inquiries accurately & promptly
  • Availability – There are representatives readily available at all times throughout the week

The quality of customer service plays an integral part in helping entrepreneurs start their businesses successfully and seamlessly. Each company has its own unique approach but ultimately strive for providing exceptional care for each individual client.

Additional Services

The key to making a business successful can be boiled down to two main components: customer support and additional services. When choosing between zenbusiness and bizfilings, knowing which company offers the best combination of these two is essential for long-term success.

Take branding as an example. A well-recognized brand will boost consumer confidence in your product or service, helping you stand out from competitors. Both zenbusiness and bizfilings strive to offer customers assistance with local compliance and protection of their brands, but they approach it differently.

ZenBusiness BizFilings
Logo Design Toolkit All State Requirements Monitored
Name Availability Checker Custom Corporate Kits
Compliance Monitoring Alerts Filing Subscription Service
Business License Research Registered Agent Services
Online Incorporation Education Resources

As seen in the table above, zenbusiness provides resources like logo design toolkits and name availability checkers to help businesses create strong identity that resonates with potential clients. Meanwhile, bizfilings monitors all state requirements and provides custom corporate kits, filing subscription services, registered agent services – everything needed for effective brand protection at any stage of growth. While both companies provide unique solutions for creating effective brands, each requires its own level of commitment from the user; however, no matter which company is chosen, having access to comprehensive tools for taking control of a business’s identity is invaluable when striving for success.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to overall satisfaction and customer feedback, it’s clear that both ZenBusiness and BizFilings have their pros and cons. However, depending on the individual business needs of a company, either platform can be beneficial in helping them reach their goals. Here are some things to consider when making your decision:

  • Cost – While BizFilings may offer more options for services with higher fees upfront, ZenBusiness offers low-cost packages to get started.
  • Speed – ZenBusiness often has faster turnaround times than BizFilings due to its simplified process.
  • Ease Of Use – Both platforms provide user friendly interfaces, however, BizFilings is known for having more detailed instructions which can be helpful for those who need extra guidance during the formation process.
  • Customer Support – Both companies offer customer support through phone or email but reviews indicate that ZenBusiness may have slightly better response times and quality of service.

Overall, both ZenBusiness and BizFilings offer great benefits for businesses looking to form a new entity. From cost savings to customer support availability, each platform provides something unique that could make one preferable over the other based on different criteria. Ultimately, you must decide what works best for your situation in order to achieve success with minimal stress and maximum efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Switch From Zenbusiness To Bizfilings At Any Time?

Are you considering switching from ZenBusiness to BizFilings? The process is easier than you might think. Money, payment methods and comparative pricing are top of mind for many entrepreneurs when making decisions about their business needs – and both companies offer great services in these areas. As a business research analyst, I can tell you that the switchover process between Zenbusiness and Bizfilings is surprisingly simple. Both platforms give your business more freedom by providing access to valuable resources such as lawyer consultations, customer support and online filing portals. So if you’re ready to make a change, know that it’s possible at any time with either provider!

Can I Use Zenbusiness Or Bizfilings To Register My Business In Multiple States?

When deciding to register a business in multiple states, businesses need to consider the cost comparison and customer service of each option. Registering with ZenBusiness or BizFilings can be advantageous for those looking for an efficient way to set up their business without sacrificing quality. When selecting these services, customers will have access to both pricing structures and customer support that make expanding into multiple states easy. Furthermore, through either platform customers’ information is kept secure and confidential while they enjoy the freedom of having a successful business in more than one state.

Are There Any Hidden Fees When Using Zenbusiness Or Bizfilings?

When it comes to hidden fees, you don’t have to worry about any surprises with ZenBusiness and BizFilings. Both companies provide a comprehensive cost breakdown so that you know exactly how much your services will be before committing – no shocking account transfers here! But while they may seem costly on the surface, their features are worth every penny; both offer an extensive suite of tools and resources to help simplify the business registration process like never before – empowering entrepreneurs around the globe in pursuit for freedom.

How Long Does The Entire Process Take When Using One Of These Services?

When it comes to cost comparison and customer service, the time it takes to complete the entire process of filing varies between ZenBusiness and BizFilings. On average, customers can expect an expedited turnaround with both services; however, they differ in their completion times. With ZenBusiness, customers are likely to see success much faster than if they were to use BizFilings. For those looking for a more relaxed timeline when starting a business venture, BizFilings may be a better option as it usually takes one month or longer from start to finish.

Are There Any Discounts Available For Using Zenbusiness Or Bizfilings?

When it comes to cost comparison and customer feedback, both ZenBusiness and BizFilings offer discounts for their services. With ZenBusiness, customers can benefit from discounted prices on their packages when they refer a friend or sign up for annual plans. Meanwhile, BizFilings runs promotional campaigns throughout the year that include savings of up to 20%. Ultimately, these companies provide great value with their discounts so it’s worth researching which one is best for you.


Overall, ZenBusiness and BizFilings are both viable solutions for registering a small business. It’s important to weigh the pros and cons of each service in order to determine which one is right for you. On the plus side, switching between services is possible at any time and neither has hidden fees. However, it can take some time to get through the entire registration process depending on how many states you need to register your business in. Finally, there may be discounts available when signing up with either service so make sure to check out their websites or contact them directly. In conclusion, it really comes down to what works best for your specific situation; however both ZenBusiness and BizFilings offer reasonable options for businesses seeking assistance with their registrations.

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