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When it comes to choosing a legal service provider, there are many factors that need to be considered. Incfile vs BetterLegal is an important comparison for entrepreneurs looking to start their own business. These two services offer different features and benefits which can make the decision of which one to use a tough one. As a legal research and writing analyst, I have conducted extensive research on both of these providers in order to help you make your final choice.

It’s no secret that starting a business takes time and money – but with the right guidance, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming or expensive. With Incfile and BetterLegal at the helm, you will get the assistance needed when setting up your new venture and reach financial freedom faster than ever before!

Overview Of Incfile

Since its inception in 1999, Incfile has been a preferred provider of incorporation services for small business owners. It is estimated that the company’s customer base numbers over 200,000 individuals and businesses worldwide. With an experienced team specializing in corporate law matters and dedicated to providing superior legal advice, Incfile delivers reliable assistance with the incorporation process.

Incfile offers personalized services tailored to meet each client’s unique needs while helping them make informed decisions about their business endeavors. The company provides step-by-step guidance on how to file articles of incorporation and register a trademark or copyright online. They also provide information related to other important aspects such as taxation requirements and labor laws across different states within the United States.

In addition, Incfile makes available comprehensive resources like ebooks, videos, forms and templates so customers can easily understand complex processes associated with setting up a business. Clients have access to real-time support from knowledgeable professionals who are available 24/7 via chat, email or phonecall – ensuring all queries are promptly addressed and resolved without any hassle or delay. By leveraging these features and services offered by Incfile, entrepreneurs gain greater peace of mind knowing their business interests are firmly protected against unforeseen challenges. With this assurance of quality service at competitive prices, it’s no wonder why Incfile remains one of the most popular providers of incorporation solutions today. As we move onto discussing BetterLegal’s offerings next, it’s clear that both companies present viable options when it comes to incorporating a business entity quickly and smoothly.

Overview Of Betterlegal

Having discussed Incfile, let us now take a closer look at BetterLegal. This company offers legal services tailored to small business owners and entrepreneurs. It is known for its user-friendly platform that simplifies entity formation and other related processes. The focus of the company is on providing high quality yet affordable online solutions to help clients start or grow their businesses securely.

BetterLegal helps users easily form corporations or LLCs by filing documents quickly with state authorities. They provide step-by-step guidance in order to ensure compliance with business laws and regulations while also assisting them in setting up bank accounts, obtaining licenses, opening credit card processing accounts, registering copyrights, trademarks and more. Additionally, customers have access to an extensive network of attorneys who can offer specialized advice when needed.

The services offered by BetterLegal are designed to reduce stress during the process of starting or growing a business as well as provide peace of mind so clients can focus on reaching their goals without worrying about complex paperwork or any potential legal issues arising from noncompliance with applicable rules and regulations. As we move forward into our next section, it will be interesting to compare these features side by side and determine which service provider has better offerings for small business owners.

Comparison Of Features

The legal landscape can be an intimidating one, especially for new business owners. The thought of researching and understanding the ever-changing laws is enough to make any entrepreneur weary. That’s why tools like Incfile and BetterLegal exist; to help navigate this complex network with ease. Comparing these two services reveals a stark contrast between their features when it comes to forming businesses.

Incfile provides a comprehensive service that offers everything you need to form your business quickly, easily, and affordably. With step by step guidance, experienced customer support available 24/7, and access to filing documents in all 50 states — they provide just what entrepreneurs need without breaking the bank or taking up too much time. Furthermore, IncFile has built relationships with many state agencies allowing them to offer expedited processing on certain document filings as well as discounted fees for some customers. This combination makes for fast and reliable service that keeps their customers coming back again and again.

BetterLegal takes a different approach when it comes to forming businesses: They focus primarily on providing online resources such as webinars, articles, templates and other helpful materials related to business formation processes. While some may find this information valuable in its own right, those looking for more hands-on assistance might be disappointed since there isn’t a dedicated customer support team readily available or affordable pricing structures offered through this platform.

Both companies have something unique to offer but depending on which aspects of business formation matter most will determine which option best suits your needs. Moving forward we’ll explore each company’s pricing structure so prospective customers can better discern how they stack against each other in terms of long-term value.

Pricing Structures

I’m comparing Incfile and Betterlegal’s pricing structures and need to discuss their costs, payment plans, and refund policies. Incfile provides three packages, each with different fees, while Betterlegal offers basic and premium plans with a range of payment options. They both have money-back guarantees, but Incfile’s refund policy is more lenient than Betterlegal’s. I’ll need to assess which offers the best value for money, based on the terms and conditions of each payment plan. I’ll also need to look at how long it will take to process refunds, as well as any restrictions or qualifications that might affect the refund. Finally, I’ll need to compare the customer service provided by each company to ensure they’re both providing the same level of support.

Comparing Costs

When it comes to pricing structures, both incfile and betterlegal offer cost benefits. Depending on the service you are looking for, each company provides different price points that can fit within a variety of budgets. For example, if you’re seeking an LLC or corporation formation, incfile offers two packages: Standard and Premium. The Standard package starts at just $0 plus state fees while the Premium package is priced at $149 plus state fees. On the other hand, betterlegal’s Business Formation services start at $149 plus state fees with no additional options available.

Both companies provide various add-on services such as Registered Agent Service for ongoing business support which come with their own set of costs associated depending on the type of plan chosen – incfile offers three plans ranging from Basic ($119/year) to Comprehensive (starting from $299/year), whereas betterlegal has one standard plan priced at $159/year. Additionally, there may be additional filing costs for some states which will need to be factored in when making your decision.

Overall, based on these factors alone, Incfile seems like a more affordable option than BetterLegal when considering basic formation services; however it’s important to factor in all relevant information specific to your needs before signing up so you know exactly what you’re getting into financially.

Payment Plans

When it comes to payment plans, incfile and betterlegal both offer a variety of options. On one hand, Incfile provides the option to pay for services upfront or in installments with varying prices dependent on which plan you choose. For example, their Standard Package is offered at no cost plus state fees up front, but the Premium package requires payments over three months starting from $49 per month plus state fees. Meanwhile, BetterLegal’s Business Formation service is currently only available as an upfront payment of $149 plus state fees.

It’s also important to consider any tax implications that may arise depending on your chosen payment method – for instance if paying in installments then you will be required to submit quarterly taxes rather than lump sum payments due at year end. It’s therefore essential to research all legal implications when deciding upon the appropriate payment plan so there are no surprises down the line.

In summary, both companies provide flexible pricing structures that can fit within most budgets; however careful consideration should be taken into account when selecting a preferred payment plan based on financial and legal ramifications associated with each option.

Refund Policies

When it comes to pricing structures, refund policies are often an important factor in the decision making process. Incfile and BetterLegal both offer refunds within certain timelines depending on the service purchased. For example, their Standard Package offers a full refund if cancellation is requested within 60 days of filing, whereas their Premium package has a 30 day window for cancellations with no fee and 90 day window for partial refunds. Meanwhile, BetterLegal’s Business Formation service provides customers with a 100% money-back guarantee within 7 days after registering your business.

It’s essential to understand any additional fees that may be associated with canceling services as these can vary between companies or packages; Incfile charges $50 while BetterLegal does not charge any cancellation fees outside of their standard return policy outlined above. It’s therefore necessary to consider all potential costs when selecting a payment plan so you don’t end up paying more than expected down the line.

Considering all legal implications before signing up for either company’s services will help ensure you make an informed decision and avoid any unexpected surprises later on – ultimately allowing you to take control of your own financial destiny.

Customer Support

Now that we have discussed the pricing structures of incfile and BetterLegal, let’s move on to customer support. Both services offer live chat and phone support for customers who need assistance with their legal transactions. However, there are some distinguishing features between these two options when it comes to customer service:

  • Incfile offers a toll-free number where customers can speak directly with an attorney from 9am – 6pm EST Monday through Friday.
  • BetterLegal provides users access to a Knowledge Base which includes answers to frequently asked questions. It also has a help center staffed 24/7 by experienced professionals in case customers need additional assistance.
  • In addition, Incfile allows its users to schedule calls with lawyers at any time while BetterLegal only responds during business hours.
  • Customers of both services have access to email support as well as online forms they can fill out if they don’t prefer contact over the phone or live chat.
  • Users may also benefit from free consultations offered by each company depending on the product purchased.

Clearly, both incfile and BetterLegal place great emphasis on providing excellent customer service experiences for their clients. With the range of options available, no matter what issues arise, users have plenty of opportunities to get in touch with trained personnel so that their queries are addressed swiftly and without complication. Now it’s time to turn our attention to how people rate these companies’ products and services via user reviews….

User Reviews

I’ve been researching user reviews of IncFile and Betterlegal to compare the experiences of users of both services. I’ve found that IncFile generally receives positive reviews from users, praising the affordability and customer service. On the other hand, Betterlegal gets mixed reviews from users, with some praising the ease of use and others criticizing the customer service. Overall, users seem to have had positive experiences with reviews of both services. I think a further comparison of the two services would be beneficial in order to decide which is best for a given situation.

User Reviews Of Incfile

When it comes to user reviews, Incfile is often viewed as an easy-to-use platform for filing incorporation documents. With the company’s helpful customer service and simple navigation system, customers can quickly complete their tasks with ease. In addition to this convenience, users have praised the quick turnaround time that Incfile offers. This allows customers to receive their finished document in a matter of days rather than weeks or months like some other filing services offer. Customers also appreciate the personalized experience they receive when working with Incfile – from online support to telephone assistance and more, customers feel supported throughout their filing process without feeling overwhelmed by jargon or complex instructions. As such, many are turning towards Incfile for its reliability, ease of use, and excellent customer experience. Ultimately, these factors make it one of the best options available on the market today.

User Reviews Of Betterlegal

Moving on to another popular filing service, Betterlegal has also earned a strong reputation based on user reviews. Customers have reported an overall satisfaction with the company’s customer service and straightforwardness when it comes to completing their documents. Unlike other providers, users don’t feel as if they’re left in the dark or need to decipher complex instructions; instead, they find that Betterlegal is always available to answer questions and provide assistance – even if this means walking customers through every step of the process. This kind of personalized attention gives users peace of mind knowing that someone is there for them throughout their document preparation journey. Furthermore, many are drawn to the system’s affordability which allows them to complete their paperwork without breaking the bank. All in all, users say that Betterlegal does an excellent job at providing an enjoyable experience while still delivering fast and accurate results – something we can all appreciate!

User Experiences With Reviews

When it comes to user reviews, customers can learn a lot about the service quality and pricing differences between different filing services. Many users have posted positive reviews of Betterlegal, citing its customer service as one of its best qualities. Users appreciate how they are guided through every step of the document preparation process with personalized attention from team members. They also enjoy the affordability that allows them to complete their paperwork without breaking the bank. All these factors combined create an overall enjoyable experience for users who find themselves satisfied with results delivered in a timely manner. Additionally, those looking for cost-effective solutions can rest assured knowing that Betterlegal is willing to work within their budget to make sure everyone’s needs are met.

Final Verdict

The debate between Incfile and Betterlegal has been raging for years. On the surface, it appears that these two companies offer similar services: both are designed to help entrepreneurs form their own LLCs or corporations. However, a deeper dive into their product features reveals some significant differences – differences that can have major implications when choosing the right service provider.

To better understand how these two options compare, let’s take a look at this side-by-side comparison of key features from each provider in table format [Table 1]:

Incfile Features Betterlegal Features
Formation Service Cost $0 + State Fees (starting at $49) $99 + State Fees (starting at $99)
Customer Support 24/7 Chat & Email Support Email & Phone Only (9am-5pm EST)
Online Dashboard Yes No
Company Reputation Excellent customer reviews on Trustpilot and BBB Good customer reviews on Trustpilot and BBB

As you can see, there is an obvious discrepancy in service costs as well as customer support availability. Incfile also offers an online dashboard which allows customers to easily manage all aspects of their business while BetterLegal does not provide such a feature. In terms of company reputation, both providers receive good ratings from customers; however, Incfile consistently outperforms its competitor here with generally higher ratings across the board.

From this analysis, we can safely assume that Incfile is likely to be the more attractive option for those looking for cost savings and superior customer support options. The overall lower price point combined with 24/7 chat and email assistance make it difficult to ignore what Incfile has to offer potential customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Has Incfile Been In Business?

Incfile has been in business since 2004, providing quality services to entrepreneurs and businesses around the world. With almost 17 years of experience, IncFile offers top-notch formation and filing services at a fraction of the cost compared to other options on the market. Plus, it’s backed by glowing reviews from customers who have benefited from its reliable support system and clear pricing structure. From forming an LLC to drafting contracts, IncFile can help simplify even your most complex legal projects so you can focus on growing your business with confidence.

Does Betterlegal Offer Free Consultations?

Do you want to know if BetterLegal offers free consultations? This legal research and writing analyst is here to answer that question! Cost comparisons, customer reviews, and an engaging style to help readers with a subconscious desire for freedom are all part of the equation. After looking into this matter further, it appears that while BetterLegal does not offer free consultations, they do have cost-effective solutions available and good customer reviews. Therefore, it’s worth considering when evaluating your options.

How Quickly Will Incfile Form A Corporation?

Forming a corporation with Incfile is an easy and stress-free way to create your business. The process can take as little as one day, depending on the state in which you’re forming the business. Incfile also takes care of all incorporation fees and annual filing requirements for you so that you don’t have to worry about them down the line. This makes incorporating your company a much more efficient task than if done manually, allowing entrepreneurs to get their businesses up and running quickly without needing to invest hours into paperwork.

Does Betterlegal Have A Mobile App?

Do you need a mobile app to make your legal research and writing effortless? Betterlegal has got you covered! With its advanced features, integration options, and intuitive design, this mobile app makes it easy to access documents anywhere. You can easily search for case law, statutes, regulations or even edit briefs on the go. The user-friendly interface offers an interactive experience with enhanced security protocols so that all of your data is safe and secure. Plus, you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues as the app works across various devices. Get ready to streamline your legal process with BetterLegal’s powerful mobile app!

Does Incfile Provide Tax Advice?

When researching pricing options and customer service for your business needs, it’s important to get the most accurate legal advice possible. Incfile provides a range of tax advice services that can help you make informed decisions with confidence. Their knowledgeable staff are experts in their fields and will guide you through any situation while keeping your freedom in mind. With Incfile, you’ll have access to reliable tax advice at an affordable price so you can focus on what matters most – growing your business!


To conclude, Incfile and BetterLegal both offer customers the ability to form a corporation quickly. However, their services are very different in terms of consultation options, technology offerings and tax advice. With these differences in mind, it’s important for prospective clients to consider which company best meets their needs. Do you want a more traditional approach with free consultations or an app-based experience? Are you looking for reliable tax guidance from experts? The answers to these questions will help guide your decision between Incfile and BetterLegal – so what will it be?

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