Incfile Review 2024: Is LLC Service Worth Obtaining?

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Incfile Reviewed: Looking for the best LLC formation services? Your hunt for the best business startup services will be incomplete without considering Incfile (nor Bizee).

This Incfile review will help you decide if it suits you and if it is still worth obtaining!

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Whether you need help to start an LLC or a corporation, Incfile claims to provide you with the easiest and fastest way to start your business. Since 2004, IncFile has helped more than 500,000 customers to start the business of their dreams. (according to their claim)

Little Introduction:

Within eighteen years, Incfile has managed to establish its worth in the highly competitive industry of business startup services. You will always find Inc File among the top five LLC formation service reviews.

In this review, to streamline your quest for the best LLC formation services, we included all the key factors that you should know. Such as:

  • Pros and Cons
  • Key Features
  • Pricing and Packages
  • Additional Services
  • Our final verdict and its basis

Let us go through this review before considering any LLC formation service provider for your business.

Is Incfile Worth Obtaining?

Yes, Incfile is worth obtaining. We’ve ranked Incfile 5th out of our 6 best LLC formation services. Why Incfile is worth obtaining? Our editors has something to say about:

  • Our editors have personally obtained and tested their service
  • Incfile has the most competitor pricing i.e. starts with $0 formation service
  • It has one of the best turnaround time
  • Very easy to use syatem
  • A very helpful dashboard online
  • And much more

This is a brief overview. For a detailed review of Incfile, please keep reading.

Incfile: Pros and Cons

Incfile Pros

1.  No service charges to start an LLC

Among the LLC formation companies, Incfile is the most affordable one. They charge you $0 for the basic (silver) formation package. You just need to pay a state fee and get your corporation and LLC formation process started.

LegalZoom, one of the most popular LLC formation services nowadays, charges you $99 in addition to the state fee. Unlike LegalZoom and the others, Incfile seems quite easy on the pocket.

2.  Eighteen years of experience

Incfile has made more than 50,000 plus happy customers in just 18 years. It is quite an achievement in itself to serve that large number in a relatively small time. Moreover, having a business formation experience of almost two decades, IncFile has an edge over the newer companies such as BeterLegal (founded in 2016).

3.  Economical registered agent services

Incfile has managed to provide you with a full year of registered agent services completely free. After that, Incfile offers you these services at a lower price ($119/year) than its competitors such as LegalZoom ($299/year). Registered agent services include:

  • Handling all of Your Documents
  • A digital dashboard to access, store and retrieve your business information
  • Email and SMS notification
  • Automatic Mail Forwarding

You can also go through some of the best registered agent providers we’ve reviews and tested for your readers.

4.  Lifetime company alerts

Incfile sends you lifetime alerts about deadlines related to license renewal, annual reports, the statement of information, employment contracts, and many more through SMS and emails.

If you choose Incfile to start your LLC with, this feature will save you from the hassle of keeping track of every deadline.

5.  Outstanding customer feedback

Incfile receives fantastic reviews and generous feedback from its customers. It has maintained a high rating with 35,037 positive reviews online with a 4.8/5 star rating on ShopperApproved and 402 reviews on Trustpilot.

6.  User-friendly customer support

The customer support center of Incfile provides you with the services of knowledgeable and supportive representatives. We called their customer service for a few inquiries and got an accurate and timely response.

We found their representative friendly and knowledgeable while putting our queries. Many of their other customers also had a similar experience which they shared on third-party review websites. If you sign up with Incfile for business formation, you will receive unlimited support from Incfile customer care on emails and phone calls.

Incfile Cons

1. High Overall pricing

Incfile provides free formation services in their starter package which is comparable to the Zenbusiness’ starter plan ($0 plus state fees). However, many customers find their advanced packages a bit pricy.

But if you see the services they offer in their Gold and Platinum packages such as Business Tax Consultation, Business Banking Account, Domain Name + Business Email, etc., you will find them worth spending. Actually, these all services combined in a package are less pricy compared to standalone services offered by other LLC websites.

2. Delayed response from customer support

Sometimes it takes 24 hours to get a response related to some issues from the IncFile customer care representative the email. On the other hand, Northwest Registered Agent customer response time is faster.

However, if you call them instead of emailing, the response will be relatively quick and the customer care representatives will do whatever it takes to satisfy the customers in their queries.

Incfile Key Features

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#1. Incfile Registered Agent Service

IncFile provides you with an easy, dependable free registered agent service during the first year of incorporating with them. Registered agent services provide you with reassurance, convenience, and tracking to manage your important legal documents.

Read Incfile Registered Agent Review in Detail Before Taking Any Decision!

If you sign up for Incfile registered agent services, the company provides you with your Business Dashboard to track everything related. There are some benefits and perks you can get from registered agent service mentioned below.

  • Receive Documents: Your registered agent will always be available to receive the state, or IRS email correspondence, legal proceedings, and documents on your behalf.
  • Instant Notification: You get notifications via emails or SMS after the registered agent receives any document on your behalf.
  • Ease of Use: To store or retrieve the information, you are provided with a digital dashboard.
  • Automation: All corresponding emails, documents, and files are automatically transferred to you.

For the first year of your incorporation with Incfile, you get a free registered agent. After that, you need to pay an annual fee of $119 comparable to ZenBusiness registered agent service.

#2. Operating Agreement

An operating agreement sets out duties, roles and responsibilities, ownership rights, and other operating procedures for your LLC or corporation. In some states, it is mandatory to adopt an operating agreement while running your LLC or corporation.

Usually, you need a lawyer to draft this document to set the outlines for the day-to-day procedures, management structure, rights and responsibilities of company owners, etc.

However, Incfile Gold and Platinum packages provide you with the full draft of the operating agreement. Hence, you will save the fee of attorney and get this important document for free with the Gold or Platinum services.  

#3. Fast Filing

In all their packages, IncFile starts processing your order the very next business day. The other LLC formation companies take 3 or more days before filing your article of incorporation or certificate of formation.

The turnaround time for the Silver package is 30 days, for the Gold package is 15 days, and for the Platinum package, it takes 7-10 business days.

There are a few days laps, depending upon the state you are in since some states process your order faster than others.

#4. Low Cost

If you ignore the upsells, pricing-wise, Incfile is very economical. They charge you $ 0+ state fee for the silver package, $149 + state fee for gold, and $ 299 + state fee for the platinum package.

#5. Easy to form

The time to place your order at Incfile is usually no longer than 10 to 15 minutes. This way IncFile helps you complete all the necessary business information on a fast track. While due to third-party offers and upsells, you have to spend more time completing your order on many of IncFile’s competitors’ websites.

While filing your order with Incfile, if you are unable to complete all necessary information in one sitting, you can save your progress and return later to complete your order. This formation process is almost as straightforward as that offered by ZenBusiness.

Incfile Pricing & Packages

IncFile offers LLC formation services in 3 distinct packages. With the addition of more features, pricing goes up in every package which is understandable. Let us have a look at the key features of each package.

Perks of choosing Incfile for LLC formation services:

Incfile offers good value in LLC formation. A few months ago, IncFile used to charge $49 in addition to the state fee for LLC filing. Now they offer absolutely free services and charge you just a state fee in their basic package. Moreover, they provide one year of free registered agent services in all packages.

Seems interesting? Let us see what else they have got to offer you.

SilverGoldPlatinumExciting Features in all packages
$0$149$299Next-day order processing
A free registered agent(for the 1st year of incorporation only)
Lifetime customer support
Dashboard to track your progress and manage documentation
Online access to incorporate documents
+ State Fee+ State Fee+ State FeeLifetime alerts of deadlines
Name availability searches (unlimited)
Buy NowBuy NowBuy NowPrepare and file the article of organization
Set up business banking account (Bank of America) [$450 special offer]
Business tax consultation

1. Incfile Silver/Basic LLC formation Plan ($0 + State Fee)

The most interesting and attractive feature of this plan is that they charge you a $0 plus state fee only for their services.  The top competitors are charging from $50 to $100.

1. Order processing

They start processing your order within the next 24 business hours.

2. Free registered agent services

IncFile offers you free registered agent services for the 1st year of incorporation with them. Afterward, they charge you $119 annually for registered agent services.

3. Business alerts and customer support

IncFile offers you lifetime customer support with unlimited business alerts through SMS and emails.

4. Unlimited business name search

Regardless of you forming an LLC or corporation, every state requires you to have a unique business name for your corporation or LLC.

So you have to make sure that the name you intend for your business should not already in use in the state where you wish to register your businesses. IncFile does unlimited business name searches for you and helps you decide on a unique business name.

Want a fast-track filing and the most economical plan?

If you want to file your LLC fast on an economical budget, go for IncFile’s silver package. This plan will be the best choice since other companies take at least 3 business days to process your order and charge you a service fee in their basic plan.

2. Incfile Gold/Standard LLC Formation Plan ($149 + State Fee)

In addition to the basic plan services, the following are the additional features that Incfile offers you in the Gold plan for just $140 plus the state filing fee.

1. Employer Identification Number (EIN)

Incfile helps you to get an EIN number. This is a kind of social security number for businesses and consists of 9 digits. EIN is essential to hire employees, filing taxes, opening business accounts, and more.

2. Customized LLC operating agreement

An operating agreement is a document that defines an LLC structure, roles and responsibilities, ownership structure, and more. Incfile prepares this document as per your company structure and requirement.

3. A hard copy of documents

IncFile sends you the filed copy of the article of the organization in hard form through express shipping with a tracking number. This will take a maximum of 3 business days to reach you.

4. Banking Resolution and Business Bank account

It is a document that helps you open a business bank account and define the relationship, obligations, responsibilities, and privileges of LLC members or corporation shareholders with respect to banking activities for the company. Moreover, IncFile opens a business bank account for your company.

5. Tax form preparation for S corporation

If you decide to file your LLC tax on the S corporation model, IncFile will prepare the relevant forms and file your case with the IRS.

6. Business Tax Consultation

The tax structure of your LLC or corporation is a vital decision while setting up your LLC or corporation and this will impact your business in the longer run. IncFile helps you decide on a suitable tax structure for your business by connecting you with a CPA.

You can consult with this professional on a 30-minute phone call and discuss your personalized circumstances to reach the best decision.

Are you reluctant to file for EIN by yourself or afraid of making mistakes in business documents?

If you are unsure about preparing important documents such as the article of organization and bylaws without making a mistake or are hesitant to apply for EIN all by yourself, IncFile Gold is the right choice for you.

3. Incfile Platinum/Premium Package ($299 + State Fee)

This package includes all the services of silver and gold kits and some advanced features for just $299 plus the state fee.

1. Sample document library

IncFile gives you access to its legal contract templates. This library has more than 25 business form samples prepared by an attorney. You can customize these documents according to your needs.

2. Expedited Document filing

If you are filing your LLC documentation in a state that offers expedited document filing services, IncFile goes for this route. This will shorten the turnaround time from weeks to days.

3. Business domain and website

Incfile has a partnership with a web development company named SnapWeb. They will provide you with a website, professionally designed from pre-made templates.

By choosing these services you will still have to pay a $20 web hosting fee every month to SnapWeb. You will only get a free domain if you subscribe SnapWeb on an annual basis. 

Want LLC formation turnover superfast?

If you want to proceed super fast and ensure the online presence of your business, the platinum package will be a perfect choice.

You will get the perks of forming your website with this package and keeping pace with the digital world in terms of your business.

Incfile: Additional Features Website Dashboard

After purchasing the package of your convenience and choice, you log in to the Incfile’s website dashboard. This client’s dashboard option serves as the central repository where you can access your important documents at any time. Here you can:

  • Track your order, 
  • Get alerts of the deadline
  • Download the soft copy of important documents
  • Obtain the company’s information

If you want to login to your Incfile dashboard, it is very easy. Simply visit the Incfile login page and sign in to your Incfile account with related credentials.

Customers Review & Feedback

Incfile generously receives reviews and good ratings from its customers. So far, Incfile has made 500,000 customers and received an overall 4.8/5 rating based on 35,037 reviews with 4.8/5 stars.

  • Shopper Approved rating (Overall) 4.8/5
  • Product satisfaction 4.6/5
  • Customer services 4.3/5
  • Price satisfaction 4.4/5

BBB (Better Business Bureau) Rating 3.54/5 (192 total reviews)

Here are some of the reviews posted by customers on the Better Business Bureau. You can go through more reviews on this website. 

So I have been with INCFILE for two years now and have had multiple companies started through them. Recently I worked with and was helped by DIANA O to fix a mistake I had made and she had it corrected within a day! The service is 5 star. Diana and Incfile are a tremendous resource of new/seasoned entrepreneurs and they make the company formation set up incredible easy and support you throughout your entrepreneurial journey. Thank you Diana
I was having a difficult time trying to figure out how to add a member to my LLC. I wrote to Customer service at Inc File to request their help. Diana O answered back quickly. She told me what she would need and once I provided the information, she took care of it for me. It was so easy and she did a great job! -Mike O
LUA was great, kind, replies immediately to all my emails and helps me fix my issues with my order, thank you for the wonderful service! Best regards!
yuan Z
Supportive, responsive, informative. Note that CASSANDRA C was great to work with.
Oliver G

Incfile Complaints on BBB (Better Business Bureau)

There are 259 complaints closed in the last 3 years with 28 closed in the last 12 months. Most of the complaints are about:

  • Billing and collections issues
  • Product and service issues
  • Delivery issues

Here is one of the complaints posted by customers on the Better Business Bureau.

Incfile complaint example from BBB.

How We Rate Incfile LLC Service?

Rating by Registered agent service 4.7/5

Incfile ships you the important documents and ordered items at the same time. A registered agent guides you and responds to your queries. Services are friendly and you are notified timely.

Rating by Filing 4.8/5

Mostly it is a  relief for those who can’t complete their filing process in one sitting. Your progress is saved while filing your case with Incfile and you can resume anytime later.

Moreover, after completing your order, your business filing process with the state starts within 24 hours. Moreover, you can get access to important documents, and track your case progress through your dashboard anytime.

Rating by cost 4.8/5

Total cost adds great value to Incfile since its service charges are quite low in comparison to its competitors.

The only glitch in pricing you will feel is the upsells or their partnerships with other service providers. Overall IncFile price is economical and easy on the pocket.

Rating by the ease of formation 4.5/5

The website is user-friendly and incorporation with IncFile to form an LLC is very easy and smooth. It takes only 10 to 15 minutes to complete your order. They guide you about the important information and necessary documents at the ready.  

Rating by customer support  4.4/5

The only issue is the time to reach out to their customer support representative through email. Sometimes it takes some time 5 or 7 attempts on call to get connected to their representative.

Perhaps it is due to the high customer load and their representatives are all the time busy serving their customers.

However, once you get connected everything is smooth and you will be satisfied with the friendly, knowledgeable, and supportive customer care staff.

Incfile vs Other Competitors

Incfile is not the only formation service available online. There are other services available that are very competitive. You can compete with other services with Incfile below and decide what is best for your startup.

Best Alternative of Incfile: ZenBusiness?

IncFile is the best choice for a limited budget. They charge you nothing for their LLC filing services except the state fee and provide you with a free registered agent and company alerts.

But if you want to streamline your LLC formation to the level of perfection, want additional features at a good price, and quality services we recommend ZenBusiness. Check here to know what ZenBusiness offers you and why we prefer ZenBusiness.

Our Recommendation
ZenBusiness: $0
Best LLC Service Overall

Positive Review
Incfile: $0
Best for Limited Budget

Incfile Discount Offer

If you have decided to take IncFile services (any package), we recommend you to reach out to them through us. We offer you…..  % additional off to their gold and platinum services if you connect to IncFile through us.

Incfile Service Cancellation and Refund Policy

You can cancel your order within 30 days of purchase and get a full refund. To cancel your Incfile order, you can contact Incfile customer service within 24 hrs of your order being placed.

If the service is already initiated, you will be refunded all the fees that Incfile has not incurred on your behalf.

Incfile’s refund policy is simple. You can cancel any time before we send payment to the state, and if it has been over 2 weeks since your order was first placed with us then all of its costs will be completely waived including fees for cancellations or failures on behalf of Incfiler itself – just make sure that there are no outstanding expenses related in any way what so ever!

Final Verdict

After reviewing all the LLC formation services, we believe Incfile deserves to be in the top five with its excellent support center, quality services, and high rating through happy customers. If you have a limited budget and you want all the basic features, choose IncFile and relax.

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