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When it comes to starting a business, it can be difficult to decide which service provider is best for you. You want something that’s reliable and affordable, but also accessible enough so that you can make sense of your legal documents without getting overwhelmed. Incfile and Rocket Lawyer are two popular options when it comes to forming an LLC or filing other important paperwork. But how do they stack up against one another? In this article, we’ll explore the pros and cons of both Incfile vs Rocket Lawyer to help you figure out which one will give you the freedom you need to get your business off the ground.

Overview Of Incfile

Incfile is an online business formation company that helps entrepreneurs launch their businesses quickly and easily. They offer a variety of services, from entity selection to filing the paperwork necessary for establishing a business in any state. Incfile’s simple platform makes it easy to understand the process and file correctly without having to hire expensive attorneys or take time out of your busy schedule.

The main advantage of using Incfile over other companies is its affordability. Their standard package includes all the features you need to get started, plus they don’t charge extra fees like most competitors do. You can also upgrade packages if desired, but there’s no obligation whatsoever – making them one of the best values around when it comes to business formation. Additionally, Incfile offers personalized customer service with live chat available during normal business hours as well as email support seven days a week.

With Incfile, you have access to everything you need to make sure your business starts off on the right foot – from choosing an appropriate legal structure to completing all the required paperwork accurately and efficiently. With competitive pricing options and helpful customer service staff always ready to answer questions, Incfile has become a trusted resource for those looking for assistance forming their businesses professionally and affordably. Moving forward into the next section about Overview of Rocket Lawyer…

Overview Of Rocket Lawyer

In the world of legal documents, there is no shortage of companies claiming to be the best. But when it comes down to choosing a provider that can really deliver on its promise, many customers have been left in the dust. Enter Incfile and Rocket Lawyer: two providers that offer comprehensive services but with very different results.

It’s an age-old debate between these two powerhouses – which one has more legal expertise? While both are highly rated by their respective customers, Incfile stands out for its ability to provide exceptional customer service as well as knowledgeable professionals who make sure every document is filed correctly. In contrast, Rocket Lawyer takes a more hands-off approach, relying heavily on technology and automation to get things done quickly.

When looking at reviews from actual customers, some interesting trends emerge. Here’s a quick overview of what people think about each option:

  • Incfile: Customers appreciate their straightforward language and attention to detail – they also like that they don’t “nickel and dime” clients with extra fees or hidden costs.
  • Rocket Lawyer: Users praise the convenience of being able to access documents online anytime and anywhere; however, some find their customer service lacking in certain areas.

The end result? Both Incfile and Rocket Lawyer offer advantages and disadvantages depending on your situation – it all depends on what you need most from a legal document provider. The next step is comparing cost comparison among these two options…

Cost Comparison

When making the decision between incfile and rocket lawyer, cost comparison is a key factor. When examining price points, incfile offers a basic package starting at $0 plus state fees while Rocket Lawyer’s starter plan begins at $39.99 per month plus applicable taxes. Although both companies offer discounts for annual plans, it appears that IncFile provides more value in terms of costs when looking to start up an LLC or incorporate a business entity.

In addition to comparing prices, it’s important to consider other factors such as services offered by each company. While Rocket Lawyer offers access to legal documents, advice from lawyers via email and phone support; Incfile has limited customer service options but they do provide free registered agent services with their higher priced packages. It should be noted however that neither company provides legal representation so this may need to be sourced separately if required.

Overall, when considering cost comparison alone there are clear differences in pricing models between these two entities which ultimately could make one option more suitable over another depending on individual needs and budget requirements. The next step is assessing the services available and deciding which best meets your particular objectives and desired outcomes.

Services Offered

It’s the age-old question: incfile vs rocket lawyer. Both offer a range of legal services, and it can be hard to decide which one is right for your needs.

For starters, let’s examine their package selection:

  1. Incfile offers three packages that cover business formation plus additional features like tax filing and registered agent service.
  2. Rocket Lawyer provides five different pricing options, with various levels of document filing and access to lawyers.
  3. Incfile includes annual report reminders in all its plans, while Rocket Lawyer has an add-on feature called the Business Compliance Program for this purpose.
  4. Additionally, both companies provide free templates and documents related to LLCs and Corporations—including articles of incorporation—but only Incfile gives you unlimited access during the life of your business entity at no extra cost.

Whether you’re looking for help forming or managing your business, these two providers can simplify the process by providing reliable online tools and resources to make sure everything runs smoothly without having to hire expensive attorneys or waste time on mundane tasks. In addition to their convenient package selection, they also have customer support staff available via phone or email should any questions arise along the way. As we move forward into exploring the customer support offered by both companies, keep in mind that each provider has its own set of advantages when it comes to creating freedom through taking control of your legal affairs!

Customer Support

When evaluating customer support options, Incfile and Rocket Lawyer stand out in terms of their problem-solving capabilities. Both companies boast a variety of customer stories that attest to how quickly they can help customers resolve issues. On top of that, both offer comprehensive customer service through phone and email.

The difference between the two services lies primarily in the level of expertise offered by their customer support teams. Customers who require more specialized legal advice will find it easier to get assistance from Rocket Lawyer’s team than Incfile’s. Depending on the nature of the issue, this could be a deciding factor for many potential customers.

Incfile does have one notable edge over its competitor – convenience. Their straightforward approach makes finding answers fast and easy, even if those answers are not as detailed or specific as what is available via Rocket Lawyer’s support staff. This advantage allows customers to quickly navigate any issues they may encounter with minimal effort, making them an attractive option for customers seeking quick solutions without sacrificing quality. With these advantages in mind, it’s clear why Incfile and Rocket Lawyer remain popular choices for businesses looking for reliable customer support services. Moving forward into ease of use is just another way both companies demonstrate their commitment to providing excellent customer service experiences.

Ease Of Use

Praising user experience, online tools have become a major part of many services. Incfile and Rocket Lawyer are two such companies that offer a variety of different products to their customers. Both companies strive for excellence in providing users with the best possible service through easy-to-use online platforms.

Incfile offers an array of options when it comes to forming businesses and managing contracts. Its simple drag-and-drop interface makes filing documents easier than ever before, allowing even novice entrepreneurs to get started quickly and easily. With free access to legal advice from experienced attorneys, Incfile provides comprehensive support for those looking to launch their business.

Rocket Lawyer is also known for its convenient platform which helps people manage contracts and form new businesses without much hassle. It allows users to draft custom agreements quickly and securely while providing helpful tips on how they can protect themselves legally. Furthermore, Rocket Lawyer has specialized features such as automated signature requests that make contract management simpler than ever.

Both Incfile and Rocket Lawyer provide excellent user experiences thanks to their intuitive designs and useful features. Whether you’re setting up a business or just signing some paperwork, these services will give you all the help you need along the way – making them both great choices for entrepreneurs who want smooth sailing ahead! Now let’s move on to the final verdict…

Final Verdict

The legal implications of choosing between incfile and rocket lawyer are significant for many individuals or companies. Each platform offers compelling features to fit various needs, so it’s essential that the right decision is made.

When considering document storage, incfile provides a secure cloud-based system with unlimited access and no restrictions on file sharing. Rocket Lawyer also has an extensive library of documents available as well as free consultations, but they have limits on how much information can be stored in their system.

For those looking to save money while maintaining peace of mind regarding their legal matters, incfile may be the better choice in terms of cost-effectiveness and safety. However, if more comprehensive services are desired then Rocket Lawyer might be preferable due to its wider range of options and resources. Ultimately, only careful consideration can help determine which option is best for any given user’s situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take To Set Up An Llc With Incfile Or Rocket Lawyer?

When it comes to setting up an LLC, there are two major players in the scene and they both have different levels of service quality and cost comparison. Incfile can help you get your business registered with the state within a few days, while Rocket Lawyer claims that their customers typically see results in around 14 days or less. So if speed is important to you then Incfile may be the better choice; however, if budget is more pressing than time constraints then Rocket Lawyer could be a better fit for your needs.

Are There Any Additional Filing Fees Associated With Using Incfile Or Rocket Lawyer?

When setting up an LLC, cost comparison and customer service are two important factors that potential clients should consider. While both Incfile and Rocket Lawyer offer services to help form a business entity, they do not always include the same associated filing fees. Depending on the type of LLC you wish to set up and what state it’s based in, there may be additional costs when using either provider. It’s best to research their individual offerings or contact each company directly for more information before making a decision.

Are There Any Discounts For Signing Up For Either Incfile Or Rocket Lawyer?

When it comes to discounts for signing up with either Incfile or Rocket Lawyer, customers should look into the cost comparison of both services. Some deals may be more beneficial than others depending on what’s being offered. Customer service is another factor to consider when comparing these two companies as they both offer different levels of support and assistance. Be sure to weigh all options before making a decision so that customers get the best value out of their investment.

Is It Possible To Speak With A Lawyer Through Either Incfile Or Rocket Lawyer?

Yes, you can get legal advice and document review with both Incfile and Rocket Lawyer. These two services allow users to easily connect to experienced lawyers who can provide sound counsel on a variety of matters. Whether you’re looking for help creating documents or need an expert opinion on a complex situation, these professional platforms make it simple to get the legal guidance you need. Both companies offer affordable pricing plans that give individuals access to top-notch attorneys without breaking the bank. So if you’re in search of reliable legal advice at an affordable price, reach out to either Incfile or Rocket Lawyer today!

Is There A Cap On The Number Of Documents That Can Be Generated With Either Incfile Or Rocket Lawyer?

When researching Incfile and Rocket Lawyer, customers should consider the number of documents they can generate with either service. Many pricing tiers offer unlimited document generation, but some may have a cap depending on customer support level. It’s important to read over the details of each plan before signing up for any legal service. Knowing the restrictions beforehand will help make sure you get exactly what you need without running into roadblocks down the line.


In conclusion, Incfile and Rocket Lawyer are both viable options for individuals looking to form an LLC. Both services offer quick turnarounds of roughly three to five business days when filing paperwork, with no additional filing fees associated with the service. Additionally, users have the option of speaking with a lawyer through either platform if they so choose. While there is no cap on the number of documents that can be generated with either service, discounts may be offered depending on which plan you select. In summary, regardless of which company you decide to go with, your decision will ultimately depend on the specific needs and budget of yourself or your business.

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