Northwest Registered Agent is one of the well-known business and LLC formation service providers.

As one of the most experienced legal service providers, is Northwest LLC formation still worth login? This Review is going to cover all the plus and minuses.

Hiring a registered agent service has become a necessity for every business to perform their legal documentation.

With such an intention, we thought of presenting a top-notch LLC service, handling all your business issues and never missing on anything! Yes, we are discussing Northwest LLC Service.

Northwest LLC Formation Review

From 1998 till now, Northwest LLC Service established a genuine prestige of themselves, offering real LLC formation services along with other legitimate business facilities. Nowadays, they are ranked as one of the top LLC companies, besides ZenBusiness Formation Service and IncFile, with thousands of positive feedbacks.

Below is the detailed review that will highlight all the imperative features, covering its pros/cons, pricing, additional Northwest services, and much more. So, continue reading to conclude if it is the perfect choice for you or not.

Are you in a hurry and wish to form a new LLC right away?

If you’re confused about choosing the best LLC service, don’t worry! There are dozens of LLC formation companies in the market that competes with one another, including some fantastic features. But we have shortlisted the best for you.

Northwest Registered Agent: Pros and Cons

Northwest Pros

Incredible Customer Support

You will find Northwest enduring between the best LLC companies with incredibly competent customer support. They have a team of highly proficient staff and Corporate Guides, available all the time. Furthermore, the support team will quickly resolve your business-related issues every time you call them – be it about LLC services or other documentation problems.

Free First Year Registered Agent Service

Northwest is one of those LLC corporations, offering a free first year Registered Agent Service. So once you hire them for your business, you can examine the registered agent service for a year to finalize whether to consider the service further or not.

Responsibly Handles Your Privacy

Most companies do not respect your business information as “a thing” and sell it to others. But unlike them, Northwest LLC service responsibly manipulates your privacy by running their official servers and providing security codes.

Let You Use Their Official Address

Sometimes, the address you utilize for your LLC filing appears as a public record on Google searches along with the Secretary of the State. Northwest allows you to employ their official address instead of using your own. This way, you can not only keep up your business privacy, but it’ll also eradicate all the junk mails from your mailbox.

Northwest Cons

Expensive Initial Price

Northwest LLC service is quite an expensive one when compared to other big companies in the market. Being on a short budget, one can grab other affordable LLC services starting from as low as $99 plus state fee. Compared to Zenbusiness (starting at $39), it is much expensive.

Limited Plan Option

There are none price packages offered by Northwest, and customers have no choice but to purchase their only package.

Few Third Parties Involved

Unlike several other services, Northwest comes with a few third online parties. It may not seem to be a disadvantage, but most customers count this point while purchasing the package.

Northwest LLC Formation: Key Features

Registered Agent Service

A registered agent is a business entity looking after all of your business documentation. They responsibly get the official filing updates and prompts you of the closing dates too. Moreover, if your company gets charged, a registered agent will manage the legal paperwork and send them to you so preventing collection agencies from reaching you in person.

Keeping all things in mind, Northwest grants you a free first year of registered agent services that you can customize at any time. From next year onwards, you have to pay yearly charges.

Operating Agreement

An operating agreement is more like a legitimate document that regulates your LLC, a limited liability company. This agreement lets you know who possesses and supervises your LLC. It will also inform you how to resolve any LLC related issue and how to deal with business profits and losses.

Northwest implements an operating agreement that is carefully merged in an easily comprehensible language by everyone. It is also free of cost, managing, and fixing rules and regulations for your new LLC business. The company has made an agreement for customers that covers all the bare essentials. On the whole, they have proudly benefited more than 1.5 million LLCs through their official agreements.

Fast Filing

Soon after you buy the LLC service package from Northwest, they will process the orders from the same day or the very next day.

The turnaround time for your order delivery depends absolutely on which state you opt to form in. Moreover, the filing process may fasten considering your expedited processing demands.

Low Cost

Northwest LLC services start from as minimum as $225 plus the state fee for the formation of an LLC.

This cost not only covers a free registered agent service for one year but also offers operating agreement, privacy, mail forwarding, and a 2-day filing process. There are no such packages option to choose from. To know more about their features and services, you can visit their official website too.

Easy to Form

The whole LLC formation process is so convenient and easy going. The company will immediately start processing soon after you place your order. As a fast LLC company, Northwest helps you supervise your official documents and information.

Moreover, their dashboard system gives relaxing vibes to customers using their online services. It not only organizes your documentation but also is very handy to use.

Northwest Pricing & Packages

The LLC service doesn’t offer many packages but is confined to a single one. So, customers do not have to rush towards multiple prospects and decide on anyone. Let us discuss in detail what Northwest has to offer:

Northwest LLC Purchase Package – $225 + State Charges

Business Name Availability Search

The company will make sure to check your desired business name availability within this package. Sometimes the chosen name has already been utilized by another customer or official unit, so this key feature carries great importance.

Drafting and Filing Your Articles of Organization

The articles of organization or corporation are the papers that depict your company’s general information for a state to form a new LLC for you. Northwest can draft these papers and file them according to your state of formation.

One Year of Registered Agent Service

It’s a necessity for every LLC to hire a registered agent in America. This registered individual takes hold of all the legal company records on its behalf. Moreover, the agent has to forward the files to you, bearing in mind all the closing dates.

Northwest gives an opportunity of getting a complimentary first-year registered agent service. After the completion of one year, the customer has to pay a renewal cost of $125 for the next year. However, a client is never forced to do so.

Receiving Operating Agreement

Although this agreement is not essentially required, we highly recommend it. As the name displays, it is an agreement outlining and detailing how you can operate your new LLC. Besides, it also helps by setting the ownership rules and regulations for your company.

Fast Filing of LLC Formation

Once you purchase the LLC package from Northwest, they will swiftly concoct your order to delivering it to your state within no time.

Northwest: Additional Services

Federal Tax ID Number – At $50

Do you understand a Social Security Number? Federal Tax ID Number, abbreviated as EIN, is just like an SSN.

It is a nine-digit security code that authorizes your new LLC to create business accounts, choose professional staff, register income taxes, and much more. By paying an additional $50 to Northwest, you will get your own Tax ID Number from the IRS.

Get an S Corporation Election with IRS – At $50

Northwest provides the best S corporation election with IRS. If you want to get a taxed S corporation instead of the default, Northwest is the most suitable option for you. It will manage all of your filing processes.

Northwest Compliance Filing – At $100/year

Get a compliance filing at the rate of $100/year from Northwest LLC service. They’ll keep tabs on and manage the current obligations of your state if any. Keep in mind that the filing cost doesn’t cover up the state fees. That’s separate.

Double Telephone Number – At $9/month

Get another telephone number for your new business just at the rate of $9 per month. It will help you select an area code and easily receive forwarded calls. It is also beneficial for dealing with your personal and business calls separately.

Additional Corporate Supplies

The corporate supplies prices vary with different options and entirely depends on what a customer wants. All in all, Northwest offers seals and corporate books, certificates, and notary stamps, etc.

Customer Reviews & Feedbacks

Anyone willing to start a business or an entrepreneur wishing to get a registered agent service or an LLC formation service can blindly trust Northwest LLC services.

To make it more clear to the customers, we’ve grabbed a few authentic customer reviews from the Better Business Bureau website. People are extremely satisfied with the services and boost up their businesses using the top-notch LLC service. Let’s have a quick review!

Northwest has far been a loyal company for my business. They wisely managed to process my filings and responded quickly to all of my questions. I would say that spending on Northwest is worth your money! All my grown-up business today would have been nothing without them. Really appreciate their efforts.

Affordable pricing with no extra charges, quick turnaround time, best customer support, and an overall gratifying company to cope with!

Someone recommended Northwest in the days I was really worried about choosing an LLC service. I had an overall wonderful experience with them. Their customer support should be highly appreciated. Once I got stuck in changing the LLC specifications, so I called their support center. They not only dealt nicely with me but also asked if I want a refund or not. They helped me throughout the time. Isn’t it great?

You can trust Northwest services without a second thought. They are offering comparable services as by LegalZoom, and that too at a cheaper rate. I must say that the company has put a lot of effort into making a great staff. Their client support is worth appreciating. I was initially worried if it’s a scam, but the legit business does wonders with a fast filing process. I am very happy with the overall services. Recommended for sure!

How We Rate the Northwest LLC Services?

Rating by Registered Agent Service 4.5/5

The Northwest’s LLC services are worth the money. Their registered agent services sensibly walk you through the entire LLC formation and handle your doubts too.

Customers attract more towards Northwest LLC services because they provide the free registered agent service for one year.

Rating by Filing 3.5/5

Northwest is considered to have fast filing processes. Soon after you choose your desired state from the dashboard, the website will show an estimated delivery time. Northwest’s turnaround time depends on which state you choose to prepare your orders.

For most of the states, the company quickly processes the requests within a few days, but it may take weeks in others. For the ease of customers, they have advanced services with additional charges too.

Rating by Cost 3/5

If you compare the service with other top companies, it’s a bit expensive. However, Northwest doesn’t puff up with unnecessary features as the competitors have done. It only appears with a single LLC formation package that charges $225 and a state fee. 

Rating by Ease of Formation 3.5/5

We cannot say that the website is as easy to use as others, but yes, it is at least functioning ideally with no such software issues. All the order formations and layouts are presented, giving clear features’ description.

Besides, the dashboard tool by Northwest makes sure to properly organize your LLC documentation that is also very convenient to use by customers.

Northwest in Just $225: Discount Offer

If you plan to hire Northwest services to form a new LLC for you, they will include a first-year free registered agent service in it. Moreover, it permits you to utilize their official address for security purposes.

In an otherwise case, if you decide to buy their LLC package from, we will give you a discount deal.

Get to Know the Best Alternative to Northwest – LegalZoom

Although Northwest is a perfect choice for anyone forming an LLC, one should always consider multiple alternatives while selecting any one package such many have compared Northwest with Corporate filing solutions.

It has always been a smart step!

However, here we are presenting you with the best alternative to Northwest, which is LegalZoom – an experienced LLC formation company.

Pricing – LegalZoom offers more affordable rates than Northwest, starting at just a price of $99 plus state fee at the regular price. However, we have the best deal for Northwest. Get a 60% discount here.

Business LLC Formation – LegalZoom stands in the giant LLC companies that managed to form a million LLCs over the past decade. It’s an amazing factor for entrepreneurs requiring the formation of an LLC. On the other hand, although Northwest has a similar experience still couldn’t get as many LLC formation projects as LegalZoom.

With a Discount at $225
Most Experienced LLC Service

Registered Agent Service Not Available

Reach a Final Verdict

After thorough research on multiple online LLC services, we have concluded that Northwest is a superb choice among many in the market. Their fantastic customer support is, by far, a good advantage for people having little know-how of technology.

If you fall in those entrepreneurs demanding premium client support with a free one-year registered agent service and affordable packages, Northwest LLC service is ideal for you. Quickly get your hands on their services before it’s too late!

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