Zenbusiness Vs Rocket Lawyer

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Are you looking for an easy and affordable way to start a business? The decision can be overwhelming. Two of the most popular options are ZenBusiness and Rocket Lawyer, both of which offer excellent services tailored to small businesses. But how do they compare? This article will explore how each service stacks up in terms of affordability, features, convenience, and more. Read on to get a better understanding of whether ZenBusiness or Rocket Lawyer is right for your needs as an aspiring entrepreneur.


Affordability is an important consideration for any business. When it comes to choosing between zenbusiness and rocket lawyer, the cost comparison should be considered carefully. Zenbusiness offers a straightforward pricing model with three different tiers: starter, pro, and premium. In contrast, Rocket Lawyer provides more flexibility in terms of their pricing plans but they require customers to sign up on a monthly basis.

At the most basic level, both services offer free incorporation filings and LLC formations as well as trademark search tools. However, there is a wide range of differences when it comes to additional features such as legal document templates or access to attorney advice. The price points vary greatly depending on which plan you choose from either provider; however, if your needs are minimal then zenbusiness may represent better value overall due to its fixed-price structure across all packages.

The decision ultimately lies with each individual consumer based on their unique circumstances. It’s worth noting that neither company charges extra fees for customer support so if needed you can reach out without worrying about hidden costs. From here we turn our focus towards the next factor – feature offerings – in order to gain further insight into how these two companies compare against each other.


ZenBusiness and Rocket Lawyer are two of the most popular legal services in the market today. They both provide support packages and pricing plans that can help businesses obtain the necessary documentation, protection, and advice for their needs.

When it comes to ZenBusiness, they offer various support packages tailored to business size and level of assistance needed. With these packages come a variety of features such as registered agent service, incorporation filing fees, tax ID acquisition costs, and other documents that are important for businesses looking to make sure all their paperwork is taken care of in an efficient manner.

On the other hand, Rocket Lawyer provides users with convenient access to attorneys who specialize in different areas. This makes it easier for those using this platform to get professional legal advice without needing to hire a lawyer or pay expensive attorney’s fees. Furthermore, its pricing plans are flexible depending on what type of package you need – whether it be document review or one-time consultation. All these features combine together to give customers maximum assurance that their legal needs will be met while also staying within budget.

With either option available at your fingertips, there is no doubt that both ZenBusiness and Rocket Lawyer provide invaluable services when it comes to taking care of any potential legal matters quickly and effectively. In terms of convenience though, only one company truly stands out from the rest – making them the premier choice for anyone looking for reliable legal solutions online. Moving forward then into the next section on ‘convenience’, we’ll explore further how each respective solution can save you time and money with ease.


Practical and cost conscious customers may be pleased to find that both ZenBusiness and Rocket Lawyer offer time saving options for their legal needs. With convenient online services, savvy shoppers can quickly navigate their way through the paperwork process with ease. From filing registrations to creating contracts, these two providers simplify the complexities of starting a business into simple steps.

ZenBusiness offers an easy-to-use platform that allows entrepreneurs to save money on filing fees while ensuring accuracy in compliance filings. Additionally, they provide personalized guidance throughout the registration process, which helps new businesses adhere to state regulations without worrying about overlooking important details. On top of this, users can also access helpful resources such as sample documents and detailed guides – all at no extra charge!

Rocket Lawyer has been a leader in the industry since its founding in 2001 and it’s not hard to see why. The user-friendly interface makes it easier than ever before to create custom legal documents or review existing ones. Plus, customers get unlimited document downloads so they don’t have to worry about additional costs every time they need something changed or updated. Furthermore, Rocket Lawyer provides one-on-one professional advice from experienced attorneys whenever necessary – making complex transactions more manageable for busy executives looking for sound counsel.

By providing reliable solutions for fast results, both ZenBusiness and Rocket Lawyer bring convenience back into the equation when it comes to legal tasks. For those ready to take control of their company’s future with confidence and peace of mind, these two platforms promise efficient service at minimal expense — leaving plenty left over for other essential items needed along the journey ahead. With these advantages in hand, transitioning between topics like ‘time savings’ and ‘ease of use’ becomes an effortless endeavor sure to help any business reach success faster than imagined!

Ease Of Use

When considering ease of use, both Zenbusiness and Rocket Lawyer offer a simple way for customers to navigate their respective services. With the aim of providing user-friendliness and simplicity at its core, each platform offers an array of features that are easy to understand and implement.

The following points highlight why Zenbusiness is an optimal choice when looking for an efficient online service:

  • Easy-to-use dashboard which allows users to track progress
  • Intuitive interface with simplified navigation menu
  • Comprehensive range of helpful tools & resources
  • Ability to quickly create business documents in minutes
  • Dedicated customer support team available 24/7

Rocket Lawyer also provides great options for those seeking an uncomplicated experience. However, it lacks some necessary components such as a step by step guide or questionnaires which can help make the process less daunting. The combination of these factors gives Zenbusiness the edge over Rocket Lawyer in terms of overall usability.

This comprehensive comparison between Zenbusiness and Rocket Lawyer shows that the former is a more suitable option from an ease-of-use perspective. When making your decision on what platform best suits your needs, keep this information in mind before selecting one. Moving onto customer service, let’s evaluate how both platforms measure up…

Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, zenbusiness and rocket lawyer could not be more different. Rocket Lawyer is like a trusty steed for those who seek personalized help with legal matters; their friendly staff are always ready to go the extra mile in order to ensure your satisfaction. On the other hand, zenbusiness takes on a much less hands-on approach when dealing with customers: they offer online resources such as FAQs and tutorials but have limited contact options if you need further assistance.

In terms of accessibility, both entities can provide timely answers since emails are answered within 24 hours and phone calls are taken during business hours. However, there is an obvious lack of personalization from zenbusiness’s end that may leave some customers feeling frustrated or confused at times. Conversely, rocket lawyer has proven time and again to be reliable when it comes to addressing individual needs in a professional manner through its friendly staff.

Overall, although both companies provide helpful resources for clients seeking guidance on legal issues, rocket lawyer remains a top choice due to its availability of personalized help from knowledgeable and friendly personnel. Moving forward then into security…


When it comes to security, zenbusiness and Rocket Lawyer both offer comprehensive data protection. The companies use the latest technology to protect all consumer information from hackers and other malicious actors. They also take steps to ensure that only authorized personnel can access sensitive customer details.

Both firms provide a wide range of legal advice for businesses and consumers alike, helping them make sound decisions about their needs. Whether you need to form an LLC or copyright your work, zenbusiness and Rocket Lawyer have experienced professionals who are ready to help you find the best solution possible. Both platforms provide resources such as articles, webinars, blogs, and more so customers can stay informed on important topics related to business law and operations.

The two services strive to create secure environments where users feel safe sharing confidential information with their lawyers. By upholding high standards of service in terms of confidentiality, transparency, and trustworthiness they seek to build positive relationships with clients that last long-term. With these measures in place, customers can be sure they’re getting quality legal counsel backed by robust security protocols when choosing either provider. Moving forward into the next section exploring reputation…


Zenbusiness and Rocket Lawyer are both popular services offering legal expertise. They both offer document customization capabilities, allowing users to customize their documents according to their specific needs. But when it comes to reputation, these two companies differ significantly.

Zenbusiness has a long history of providing exceptional customer service and is known for its user-friendly experience. Customers who’ve used Zenbusiness have praised the company’s attention to detail and dedication to helping customers understand all aspects of the process. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), it’s easy to see why so many people trust this business with their legal matters.

Rocket Lawyer, on the other hand, is newer than Zenbusiness but has quickly gained recognition as one of the top online legal services in the industry today. The company offers customized documents quickly and easily, without sacrificing quality or accuracy. Its experienced team of attorneys and staff members also provide excellent advice and guidance when needed, which helps ensure that customers’ transactions go smoothly every time. While not rated by BBB yet, Rocket Lawyer receives overwhelmingly positive reviews from those who’ve used them for their legal needs.

Ultimately, each person should make the decision about which service is right for them based on their individual needs and preferences. Both Zenbusiness and Rocket Lawyer offer reliable solutions for anyone needing assistance with creating custom documents or seeking expert legal advice – making either option a great choice when you need help getting things done fast!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Have Zenbusiness And Rocket Lawyer Been In Business?

When discussing professional experience and customer support, two important considerations for the legal field, it is essential to understand how long a given company has been in business. For example, both ZenBusiness and Rocket Lawyer have each been providing their services for over 10 years – with ZenBusiness having just celebrated its 10 year anniversary. This longevity gives clients confidence that they are working with experienced professionals who can provide reliable advice backed by sound research and technical expertise. In addition, both companies offer comprehensive customer service teams available 24/7 to assist when needed. The combination of these factors makes them an appealing option for those looking for practical solutions to their legal needs.

Does Either Service Provide Assistance With Filing Taxes?

When it comes to filing taxes, every minute counts – and that’s why having a reliable service at your disposal is essential. Price comparisons, customer reviews, client support, customization options – all of these factors must be taken into consideration when choosing the right partner for tax season. But luckily there are some incredible services out there that can help you navigate the complexities of this time-sensitive task with ease. Whether its ZenBusiness or Rocket Lawyer, both offer comprehensive assistance with filing taxes so you don’t have to worry about missing deadlines or making costly mistakes. With each providing round-the-clock customer support and tailored solutions designed to meet individual needs, they make finding freedom from financial stress easier than ever before.

Are Documents Prepared By Either Service Legally Binding?

When it comes to document validity, both ZenBusiness and Rocket Lawyer have their own pricing models. They both provide legally binding documents that are prepared with the utmost attention to detail and accuracy in order to ensure they stand up in court if necessary. Furthermore, each service offers additional guidance on how best to use these documents for different legal scenarios. All this considered, you can be confident that whichever of these services you choose will offer a reliable solution.

Is There A Limit To The Number Of Documents I Can Create With Either Service?

As legal research analysts often ponder, is there a limit to the number of documents one can create with either ZenBusiness or Rocket Lawyer? The answer is no; both services offer unlimited document creation for their users. With an eye on cost comparison and customer service, it’s clear that these two companies are vying for your business by ensuring you have access to all the necessary paperwork you need – without breaking the bank. For those seeking freedom from traditional lawyer fees and complicated contracts, ZenBusiness and Rocket Lawyer provide quick, easy-to-understand solutions.

Are Both Services Available In All Us States?

When it comes to determining whether a service is available in all US states, cost and feature comparisons should be considered. Legal research analysts have found that both ZenBusiness and Rocket Lawyer are available nationwide; however, the costs of each service vary depending on where you live. For example, those living in California may find more value with ZenBusiness while residents of Texas might find better features with Rocket Lawyer. In any case, customers across the United States can avail themselves of either service’s offerings.


In conclusion, ZenBusiness and Rocket Lawyer are two prominent business formation services that provide entrepreneurs with the legal tools they need to get their businesses up and running. Both companies have been in operation for several years, providing reliable documents that are legally binding across all US states. While neither service assists with filing taxes, both offer an extensive library of customizable legal forms at no additional cost. Aspiring business owners should consider these two services when seeking out affordable ways to bring their dreams into fruition.

It is worth noting that while there is no strict limit on how many documents one can create through either service, customers may find themselves limited by time constraints as creating a successful venture requires patience and dedication – something money just cannot buy. In short, whichever option you choose between ZenBusiness and Rocket Lawyer, rest assured that your small business will be well taken care of from start to finish.

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