Confused in choosing between ZenBusiness vs IncFile? Although there has been a lot of new companies launched a comparison between ZenBusiness and IncFile will lead you towards the best!

Two of the well-known companies, ZenBusiness and IncFile, stand distinct from one another with numerous features that definitely amaze a customer. If you want to grab the best service for your new corporation, look no further than these two!

The detailed comparison between both of these elite companies will permit you to execute the best decision. But let us start with the quick comparison table to have a birds eye view of prices, packages, features, and some extra perks. So, shall we start?

ZenBusiness vs Incfile (Quick Comparison Table)

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  • Cheapest Package Price
  • Registered Agent Service Price
  • Available in All 50 State
  • Free Registered Agent
  • Operating Agreement Fee
  • EIN Fee
  • Processing Time
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$49Plus State Fee
  • #1
  • $49
  • $99/Annum
  • For 1 Year
  • $35
  • $70
  • 1 Business Day


$0Plus State Fee
  • #5
  • $0
  • $119/Annum
  • For 1 Year
  • $40
  • $70
  • 1 Business Day

Incfile vs ZenBusiness: 6 Common Good Things

  • Free Registered Agent Service: Both, the ZenBusiness and IncFile, offer a free first year of registered agent service that performs all of a customer’s legal functions. After the first year’s completion, one has to pay 119 USD for the next year in both companies.
  • Affordable Service: ZenBusiness and IncFile have great price packages, unlike other big LLC companies. You’ll find them standing much lower than some re-known services.
  • Precise Companies: Starting their work in such a short time, both companies are well-defined with enhanced customer benefits and facilities.
  • Simple Dashboard: Both LLC companies provide a convenient dashboard facility that facilitates a customer in storing his essential business information.
  • Superb Customer Feedback: Both of the companies, ZenBusiness and IncFile, has an overall superb customer feedback rating. If ZenBusiness has one feature with a huge customer rating, IncFile leads the other.
  • Incredible Customer Support: Despite being the new companies, ZenBusiness and IncFile, both offer unbelievable customer support with qualified staff available all the time.

ZenBusiness vs IncFile: 4 Major Differences

1. Prices & Packaging

ZenBusiness LLC Service Packages

When on a track to grab the best, full-time, LLC service company, ZenBusiness proves to be a great deal! It has amazing packages that offer numerous features side by side.

Initiating from as low as $49, ZenBusiness provides a full year registered agent service besides the annual operating system, fast filing process & much more.

Other ZenBusiness packages, with a price increase, provide more facilities that we’ll highlight below. So, the following is an overview of all the three ZenBusiness packages:

i. Starter – $49 + State Fee

  • 1-year of Registered Agent Service
  • Operating Agreement
  • LLC Formation
  • Fast Filing
  • Worry-Free CPA Estimation

ii. Pro – $199 + State Fee

  • Worry-Free Submission Guarantee
  • Employer ID Number, EIN
  • Exceeded Filing Speed

iii. Premium – $299 + State Fee

  • Business Domain & Name Security
  • Official Website & Email Address
  • Rush Filing Speed

IncFile LLC Service Packages

While comparing the prices between ZenBusiness vs IncFile, IncFile leads the two with the lowest possible price of $0, excluding state fee.

Furthermore, the company provides a free registered agent service in all of its three packages. Let us briefly look into all of IncFile’s price packages:

i. Silver – $0 + State Fee

  • Free First Year of Registered Agent
  • Processes orders the very next day
  • Tax Consultation
  • Notifies with Company Alerts

ii. Gold – $199 + State Fee

  • Provides Template Library
  • Operating Agreement
  • Tax Number or EIN
  • Corporate Kit Available

iii. Platinum – $299 + State Fee

  • Fast & Prioritized Filing
  • Free of cost Domain & Website Name
  • Provides 20 Customized Stock Licenses

Leader = ZenBusiness

Although both the companies offer very cost-effective prices and several features, still ZenBusiness holds a good position by providing some of the best additional services, including bylaws, incorporation, and fast filing of the orders as per the package.

2. Processing Times


The company is just and fair when it comes to the processing time.

They have set a specific time for all three packages so a customer can pick up anyone following his demands.

Note that the overall turnaround time can even differ from the one mentioned due to differences in states. So the starter package has a processing time of 3-4 weeks, whereas the pro consumes a time of 1-2 weeks.

The premium package is the best of all, only requiring a time of 3-5 days.


The processing time of IncFile depends upon the formation state and not on the packages. Depending upon which state you are in, the processing time may vary from a single day to even up to eight weeks.

Leader = ZenBusiness

So, it can be clearly seen among ZenBusiness vs IncFile that the former is the winner! A customer can choose any of the three packages keeping in view his needs. For an urgent basis, one can quickly select to obtain the ZenBusiness Premium Package.

3. Background & Experience


The company kick-started its LLC services in 2015. Even in this limited duration, they have gained a huge reputation with hundreds and thousands of positive reviews, which is great!

ZenBusiness aims at receiving as many as best reviews, making it up to a million, so are they putting a lot of effort in providing the best of services.

They excel with a five-star rating on the Internet.


Unlike ZenBusiness, IncFile is in the market since 2004. Till then, the company has covered the LLC services of almost 2,50,000 business units with remarkable customer feedbacks.

The maximum portion of positive reviews overcome a few that is a good sign for the company.

Leader = IncFile

As clear from the experience level between ZenBusiness vs IncFile, the latter wins the trophy! Although ZenBusiness incredibly serves its customers, the other has another outstanding level.

4. Client Reviews


There are almost 3700 positive reviews of ZenBusiness, despite having a little less experience than other contenders out there. Customers blindly trust the service, which is another way of motivating ZenBusiness to provide the best!


Despite hundreds of excellent ZenBusiness reviews, IncFile replaces it with a lot more customer feedback, rounded off to 16,000. Due to its more experience in the industry, people somehow tend to choose them, which is fair enough.

Leader = IncFile

You can call it a tie between the two, ZenBusiness vs IncFile because both companies are impressive in their ways. But if we check out the number of customer reviews, IncFile clearly wins the contest.

Our Verdict (Overall)

The detailed comparison between ZenBusiness vs IncFile showed all the key similarities and differences between the two. Still, if you thoroughly see both companies, they are best in one way or another. You can pick out anyone as per your business requirements for forming an LLC. Here’s a quick ending:

Purchase ZenBusiness Services if:

You are finding the perfect overall LLC services starting at a minimum of $49 with essential features in them.

Purchase IncFile Services if:

You want to grab the least expensive LLC service, coming with thousands of positive reviews.

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