4 Best Business Filing & License Services

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Business License Services Reviewed: Starting up a small new business in Connecticut? Thinking of registering your company through a licensing service that will look after your documentation? Here we are with the top 4 best business license services in CT!

If you stand among the organizations, unsure of fetching any official license to stay flexible, we have great deals for you.

Luckily in Connecticut, there are several business license services available. Most of these services efficiently manage your filing processes. Such experts can easily fit your company’s needs.

As you will always need an approved corporation to kick start and run your new business, we thought of providing the 4 best business license services in ct out of many, that will definitely win your heart and help you make a quick decision to choose one for your startup.

These services include IncFile, MyCorporation, LegalZoom, and Rocket Lawyer. We’ll discuss them one by one to know what they offer. But before that, let us have a look at the pros and cons of getting the license services.

Business License Services: Pros & Cons


  • Getting a business license will draw confidence to a new company, and the owner can achieve professionalism in his work. All this happens after the business documents are certified by the state.
  • After attaining the business license services, one can establish his unit correlating with the Connecticut benefit organization. It may also include raising extra funds by marketing stock.
  • The best business license services in CT help you form your business entity to its peaks, enabling durability and adding to its value. Such licensed organizations can also take advantage of the incentives outside the state.
  • The license services by many companies help you keep your business up to date and flexible for customers, making a businessman’s life much easier.
  • The cost is typically less if you buy a business license service rather than partnering with an attorney or firm at law. Despite being very expensive, they will never entertain you with extra support.
  • A business owner has a chance to pull extra business information and instructions on filing processes. Moreover, with the best business license service in CT, one can walk through the entire procedure of business compliance and what’s included in it.


  • The charges of licensing service vary from company to company, which can be a major drawback. The application fees can range from a few hundred to many thousand dollars as per the state. Furthermore, some companies have also set the renewal cost, which makes them even more expensive.

4 Best Business License Services Available

Here we are with the 4 best business license services that you really want to know about! So, let’s grab them one by one.


IncFile | #1

After a complete search from various reviewing websites, IncFile is rated as 9/10. All this is due to its best features and reasonable pricing for a business license in Connecticut.

IncFile has been on the list of our top recommendations ever since it was established. The lowest package by the company is incredibly great, starting from as low as $0, including one year of registered agent fee as well.

After the year finishes with the client’s complete satisfaction, he/she can renew it for the next year by just paying 119 dollars.

Then comes the IncFile’s Gold package for 149 dollars. The extended price adds on different features that benefit the newly established business.

The company’s Platinum package is a bit more expensive than others but comes with a whole range of expedited services and add ons. It is priced at $299, which can vary with your business license needs.

All in all, we are truly impressed by its pricing and packages and highly recommend it!

Another reason for registering with IncFile is its superb customer response. They are always available whenever you call them or even drop an email.

As per reviews, the business owners get much more detailed support via emails than by calling. IncFile tops the 4 best business license services in CT.

Incfile Business License Services: Pros and Cons

Runner Up

MyCorporation | #2

MyCorporation started their business license services earlier in 1998, which has hugely benefitted them.

Another impressive quality of the company is its incredible customer support. They have assisted more than a million clients till now.

Most entrepreneurs prefer choosing the licensing services by MyCorporation, which has added to the customer feedback and increased its rating online.

According to the authentic 147 customer reviews, the company appears with a five-star rating. Their informative, valuable, and genuine license service in Connecticut is worth appreciating.

Although not being rated by BBB, the company still holds a four-star rating (197 reviews) from TrustPilot and an A+ from BBB. Coming towards MyCorporation pricing, they offer great deals with a standard package for just $158. It not only includes significant license services but the annual report filing too.

All in all, what makes the company pro at purchasing is the affordable price and fantastic client’s feedback.

Any new organization looking forward to this combination can blindly trust My Corporation’s business license service.

MyCorporation Business License Services: Pros and Cons

LegalZoom | #3

The California-based company, LegalZoom was created in 2001 and is mesmerizing the customers with its business license services since then.

It is a legal organization trying to satisfy business owners with its top-notch, affordable, convenient, and reliable facilities.

LegalZoom is working for many years and has served approximately four million clients handling small to large scale businesses.

The three packages, by the company, range from $99 to $349, which are elite on their own. The economy bundle has its own significance, whereas the standard and express packages offer many extra services.

Another best feature is offered by LegalZoom, which is the money-back guarantee. So, if you’re not convenient with the service, you can get a pay-back within sixty days of purchase. Not all groups providing business license services in CT are offering this feature.

Moreover, they have a free of cost name accessibility search on their website for everyone. Any entrepreneur wanting to get the business license service can ponder upon LegalZoom.

Their customer support is worth commending, as they are available 7 days a week. The timing extends to 10 p.m. on business days, while it’s 7 p.m. on weekends.

In Connecticut, buying this company’s services will not only save your precious time but also your money. Customers find their website very friendly, and most reviews are found positive. However, there are still some deficiencies that don’t make it our top pick.

LegalZoom Business License Services: Pros & Cons

Rocket Lawyer | #4

We lastly thought of reviewing Rocket Lawyer’s business license services in CT. Despite being a new company, Rocket Lawyer still has facilitated more than twenty million customers with time.

What makes this company stand among the 4 best business license services is the superb customer’s feedback.

Apart from the official licensing, it also offers legal subscription packages that are sometimes at great discount deals. Not only this, but the new members have the opportunity to receive business guidelines for free.

Unlike other competitors, Rocket Lawyer comes with two of its best packaging options for the customers. It either goes with the monthly subscription for their legal services or buys the full-time package, including business license service. These two bundles consist of everything a business entity would want, so this is why Rocket Lawyer falls in the best 4 business license services.

Besides, they provide a pay-back satisfaction within one month of buying their subscription.

The customer support is highly appreciated. So, as a customer, if you have any issues, they will meet all the needs to resolve your business problems. If not satisfied, your hard-earned money will be paid back to you.

The third-parties are very impressed with the service, so it has a good score online. Besides, Rocket Lawyer is best at what it does! All in all, if you want a company helping you with more than just the official state’s permissions, Rocket Lawyer is a good option.

Rocket Lawyer Business License Services: Pros & Cons


We worked at our highest to provide you the 4 best business license services in CT. You can pick any one of the four, depending on your new business needs and requirements. But, if it’s on us, we will recommend IncFile’s services without a second thought!

The company is worth purchasing because of its all-in-one qualities. It has outstanding client reviews, a broad range of available services, and a user-friendly website.

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