Get Oregon Certificate of Good Standing (Compliance or Status)

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An Oregon certificate of good standing (OR) is a legal document that verifies that your limited liability company (LLC) or corporation was correctly formed and is in good standing with the state.

This Certificate of Good Standing Oregon guide will explain how to get a certificate of good standing in Oregon and the requirements to get a good standing certificate.

What is a Certificate of Good Standing? 

The certificate- of good standing, aka “certificate of existence,” confirms that a company is up-to-date with its filings and has no legal issues preventing it from conducting business. 

This state document verifies that you have legally formed your LLC or corporation and that your company is properly maintained.

Requirements for Getting an Oregon Certificate of Good Standing

In Oregon, the certificate of good standing is known as a certificate of compliance issued by the Oregon Secretary of State. To qualify for an Oregon certificate of compliance, make sure your corporation or LLC is up-to-date with the following state compliance requirements.

First Requirement

Obtain Business Licenses & Permits

Follow federal, state, and local licensing guidelines to operate your business in Oregon in a state-compliant manner. Some examples include health permits, building permits, medical and other professional licenses, etc.

To find more about state licensing requirements, visit the Oregon Business Xpress License Directory website.

Second Requirement

Pay State Taxes

Different businesses are subjected to different taxes such as Oregon Unemployment Insurance (UI) tax, withholding tax, etc. Oregon does not have a state sales tax. Depending on your business activity, you must register for various forms of Oregon state tax. 

First Requirement

Timely Submit Annual Reports

All Oregon corporations and LLCs must file an annual report that summarizes their business’s finances over the past year. 

The Oregon Secretary of State requires your business to submit an annual report every year. The Oregon LLC annual report filing fee is $100 and is due on the date on which the business was formed.

How Do I Get a Certificate of Good Standing in Oregon?

Once your business is up-to-date with all filings and compliance requirements, you can order your certificate of Good Standing from the state authority.

The Oregon certificate of Existence is requested from the Oregon Secretary of State. To submit your Oregon certificate of existance request by Mail, Fax, or In-Person to the Oregon Secretary of State, read the instructions given in the following link.

Filing Address:
Secretary of State Corporation Division
255 Capitol St. NE, Suite 151
Salem, OR 97310-1327

Fax: (503) 378-6520

The filing Cost for the Oregon Certificate of good standing is $10.

Why Do I Need a Certificate of Good Standing in Oregon?

While you don’t necessarily need a certificate of compliance to run your LLC or corporation in Oregon, there are several instances where you may need to get one. These include:

  • Opening a business bank account
  • Applying for a business loan or line of credit from a bank
  • Purchasing business insurance
  • Trying to lease commercial space
  • Soliciting funds from potential investors
  • You want to register your LLC or other business in another state as a foreign or out-of-state LLC
  • You want to Transfer or domesticate your business to another state
  • You’re selling your business, and the buyer wants proof that the company is in good legal standing
  • You are contracting with another company
  • You need to show compliance with government regulations in any other situation

FAQs on Oregon Certificate of Good Standing

From where can I get an Oregon certificate of compliance?

A certificate of good standing is also called the certificate of good status or certificate of compliance. You can get the Oregon certificate of good standing from the Oregon Secretary of State.

How long is the certificate of good standing valid for?

A certificate of good standing can be used for a limited period and typically has an expiration date. Mostly, it is valid for a year after the issuance. This could be at the end of a calendar year or at some other time during the year when the state’s laws require renewal or periodic filings.

When do you need an Oregon certificate of good standing?

You need a certificate of good standing for several reasons such as:
– Opening a business bank account
– Applying for a business loan or line of credit from a bank
– To lease commercial space
– Registering or moving business out of state, etc

How do I get a certificate of authority in Oregon?

To obtain your Oregon Certificate of Authority, you need to apply to the Oregon secretary of state’s office. Submit an application for a certificate of authority along with required certificates or certified copies from your home state.

A Certificate of Authority states that you are authorized to conduct business in a state other than your domicile state.  You will need to appoint a registered agent in Oregon in order for your filing to be approved.

What is a certificate of existence in Oregon?

The Certificate of Existence is another name for a certificate of good standing. This official document shows that your Oregon LLC or Oregon corporation is legally formed in Oregon and up to date with all filing requirements.

Is the Oregon certificate of good standing and the Oregon supreme court attorney good standing certificate the same?

No, the supreme court of Oregon certificate of good standing aka Oregon Attorney Good Standing Certificate and the Oregon LLC certificate of good standing are not the same.

In order to practice law in the state of Oregon, one must first obtain an Attorney Good Standing Certificate from their respective supreme court. This document not only proves that you are qualified but also lists any discipline history or change of status within The Supreme Courts’ databases.

While LLC certificate of good standing states that your LLC has no outstanding debts and has paid its annual fees and taxes.

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