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Swyft Filings Basic ($49 + State Filing Fee)

The Basic Plan of Swyft Filings is the simplest package consisting of only a very few features that are most important in the formation of an LLC.

Due to its straightforward features and services, the price of the Swyft Filing Basic Plan is also quite feasible. Let’s have a look at what this package has to offer you:


The price of this package isonly $49. But keep in mind that you would also have to pay the state fee which is other than this and can wary according to the state.

Brand Name Availability Search: This package covers the availability of your domain name via specialized tools and also suggests you some creative names for your domain.

Preparation of the Documents: All the important business formation documents of your companies are prepared in this package. You’re gonna have to provide them with some information to begin the process.

Document Filing

Document filing is also a part of this package. They carry out the document filing of your business in the state which you have chosen for starting your business. The document filing is done with the secretory of that state.

Statement of Organizer

The Package also covers the formation of the statement of the organizer in which the names of all the initial members and managers of the business have been filed. Along with the statement of the organizer, they also provide you with the Certificate of Formation which has been filed with the name of the member who has received the permission for business formation.

Online Access to Documents

The Package then provides you the incorporation documents, holding all the necessary information regarding your business. Along with giving you the documents in person, they also provide you online access to them so you don’t have to worry much even if you lose them.

Free Domain Name

Last but notleast, they also provide your business a brand new name without charging any fee, which on the other hand if you apply for individually is gonna get a little heavy on your pickets.

Swyft Filings Standard ($149 + State Filing Fee)

After the basic package comes the Standard Package. This Package covers all the formalities of the first one plus some additional features too.

This package also comes at an affordable price. Let’s have a look at the additional features it offers along with the basic ones.


Swyft Filings Charges you $149 for this package along with the state fee which varies according to the state.

EIN Operating Agreement

Unlike the Basic Package which does not include the registration and application of Employer’s Identification Number and hence you have to spend extra money on that, Standard Package on the other hand covers the Procurement of your Business’s EIN.

Corporation Bylaws

The standard package also includes the filing of Corporation Bylaws with the Secretary of state. All the rules and regulations included in the Company’s bylaws are completely written by the board of Directors of your business.

Banking Resolution

This package then covers the opening of your business’s bank account. They provide you with a completely customized banking resolution for your company.

Corporation Meetings of Minutes

The package also provides you with the facility of meeting minutes for your organization so you can track a record of every important thing that happened in meetings.

Swyft Filings Premium ($299 + State Filing Fee)

The Premium Package covered by Swyft Filings includes all the features and services offered in the previous two packages i.e. Standard and Basic. Yet it also includes some of its own services which are discussed below.


The Price of this package is only $299 along with state fees varying accordingly.

Electronic Document Delivery

To add more security for the documents of your business, the Premium package provides you the facility of E-delivery. This helps you to save all the documents of business in soft form and easily transfer view, download and print them at any time. 

Digital Corporate Kit

This package also provides you with a fully customized digital corporate kit including 20 stock certificates, and ownership ledger, and a company seal.

Website Formation and Webhosting

The package also strengthens the online presence of your company by providing the facility of free website formation along with free Webhosting services.

Shipping of Documents

This package offers you the option of free shipping your filing documents via FedEx. While on the other hand, they charge you a fee for the shipping in the Basic and Standard package.

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