The Role of Packaging In Brand Communication

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Gone are the days when packaging was merely viewed as nothing more than a necessary barrier to protect items in transport. In today’s business world, it plays a crucial role in creating a recognizable business brand unique from those around it.

From specially created packaging boxes covered with unique and eye-catching designs guaranteed to make a lasting impression with customers to the elevated perceived value of your brand, investing in suitable packaging solutions can significantly influence your business brand in many advantageous ways.

What is Brand Packaging?

Before a consumer is able to see and experience your products, the first, and often most important, impression that your brand makes is through your packaging. Brand packaging is a term used to describe the physical container or wrapping that surrounds your products and reflects your brand identity.

For many experts, the quality and impact of your chosen packaging are as important as the item itself. This opinion is further supported by a recent study that revealed 40% of online shoppers claimed they were more willing to refer companies to friends and families if the branded packaging positively contributed to their overall consumer experience.

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The Psychology of Packaging

The appearance, quality, and feel of packaging can significantly impact how people perceive the item within. Colors, images, textures, and other design features can invoke strong emotions, which primarily affect perception and behavior. Bright, bold colors and impactful images can express a sense of enthusiasm and urgency, while minimal and simplistic designs carry an air of calmness and sophistication.

But the psychological impact extends past aesthetic value. Physical aspects, like weight, texture, and even sound, can strongly impact a customer’s perception of value and decision-making when it comes to keeping or returning the product. Larger and studier boxes may reflect more expensive and high-quality products that require secure and safe packaging solutions. Alternatively, lightweight and flexible options could represent convenience and ease of use.

While it is unlikely that many business owners are fully equipped with the necessary information to properly understand the psychology behind packaging selection and the impacts it can have on consumers, gaining a basic understanding will allow you to make more educated decisions, helping you better connect with your target market.

Why Does It Matter?

Selecting the right packaging for your business brand needs can lead to a myriad of benefits, all of which can aid in the success of your venture.

Sets You Apart

In the U.S. alone, e-commerce sales are expected to reach nearly $900 billion by the end of 2023. With a staggering number of businesses being created daily, finding effective and sustainable ways to set yourself apart in this increasingly populated space is vital to the success of your brand.

Companies that use standard packaging and shipping boxes run the risk of being too bland and forgettable. But, designing something unique to your brand and the values you hope to communicate to consumers allows you to create a strong and memorable first impression.

Reinforces Your Values & Story

Your packaging is a direct extension of your brand identity and products. It plays a massive role in delivering a consistent message to those who see and experience it. It is part of your overall brand story and should be used to illustrate and reflect the mission, values, and personality of your brand that you hope to convey with your image.

Promotes Marketing Strategies

Unboxing products you have bought online is the adult version of opening gifts on your birthday as a child. The entire unboxing experience is a phenomenon that has swept the globe, with many consumers turning to their social media accounts to document themselves opening the various packages they have received.

To create a successful experience, your chosen packaging should be so mesmerizing that it elevates the perceived wealth of the item itself and the brand responsible for it. If someone thoroughly enjoys unboxing your deliveries, they are more likely to share videos, photos, and word-of-mouth recommendations with those around them.

This can turn into a wave of free and very beneficial publicity, creating even more brand awareness without you having to do the work yourself.

Quick Tips for a Top Design

Creating a unique and memorable packaging design doesn’t have to be overly complicated or fussy. By following a few simple tips, you will be able to enjoy the process of designing the perfect representation of your brand.

Choose a design that is memorable and eye-catching, that allows it to stand out from the rest, and creates a lasting impression with consumers. Don’t immediately assume this means it has to be big, bold, and bright. Clean simplicity can have just as much of an impact when done right.

Remember that your choice of packaging materials will be a direct extension of your brand, meaning it needs to carry the same values and evoke the same emotions that your products do. It also needs to be durable and made from high-quality materials to effectively secure and protect products during shipment.

Finally, it needs to be easy to open and accessible to those who may have physical disabilities that prevent them from opening complicated or restricted packages.

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