LSH is a free implementation of the SSH version 2 protocol, standardized by the IETF SECSH working group.
This page will help you find the relevant resources for LSH.

The source distribution of LSH comes with TeXinfo manuals. You can also read the manuals online. If you are interested in hacking LSH, make sure to read the README and doc/HACKING files in the distribution.

You can subscribe to the mailing list.
The LSH CVS server is located at Anonymous access is available through PServer (cvs -d co lsh) and the CVSweb interface.

There is also a Bugzilla for reporting LSH bugs and requesting new features.

LSH supports Linux-like version numbering, i.e. 1.2.x, 1.4.x, etc., for stable versions, and 1.1.x, 1.3.x, 1.5.x, etc., for development versions.
LSH releases are signed using the GNU Privacy Guard, with an open key (HTTP from Sweden or FTP from Sweden).

You can obtain the latest LSH releases at:

There are also some mirrors available:
Australia: FTP and HTTP (available nightly at 0230 local time)
Austria: FTP, HTTP, and Rsync, rsync:// Updated daily.
Greece: FTP (updated daily)
Hungary: FTP (available nightly at 0320 local time)
Netherlands: HTTP

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