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Finding the best CD rates during difficult economic times can provide you with an investment you can count on.
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Recent National Live Auction CD Rates
for October 19, 2012

TermNational Avg APY*Overnight
Auction APY†
High-Yield Savings Account Rates0.07%0.50%
3 Month CD Rates0.08%0.65%
9 Month CD Rates0.19%0.60%
1 Year CD Rates0.19%0.90%
2 Year CD Rates0.34%0.90%

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†Overnight Auction APY is a sample rate for a nightly auction for a $50,000 deposit.

The following factors are at play when looking for the best CD rates:

  • The duration (or length) of the CD.
  • Your deposit amount.
  • The current interest rates.

CD Duration

You can have your money in a CD for upwards of five years or as little an amount of time as three months. CD rates can vary based on the duration you choose.

Deposit Amount

Some banks and credit unions will give you a higher CD rate for a larger deposit (these are sometimes referred to as “jumbo CDs”), and some banks and credit unions, looking for new deposits, may give higher CD rates as part of a promotion.

Current Interest Rates

CD rates are usually set according to other rates out on the market. If you see interest rates rising, you will generally also see a correlation with CD rates. If it looks like interest rates are going to fall then you may not get as high a CD rate on a longer-term deposit.

The MoneyAisle Solution

One way to compare several CD rates at once in the span of a couple of minutes is by trying out a MoneyAisle auction – many banks and credit unions compete live for your CD deposit. By registering for an account and then running an auction for the best CD rate available in our system you’ll get the advantage of comparing a large number of rates in just a couple of minutes.

You can also run a test-drive without having to register – a test-drive auction is a real auction with real banks and credit unions bidding their rates – you’ll get to see the best CD rate available in our system at the time of your auction, but you’ll have to register or sign in in order to see the winning financial institutions and open your account.

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