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Credit Unions headquartered in U.S. – Fast Facts

Number of Active NCUA Credit Unions: 7,651
Number of Full-Time Credit Union Employees: 222,879
Number of Credit Union Members: 91,487,990
Number of Credit Union Offices: 21,373
Total Credit Union Assets: $909.8 Billion
Total Credit Union Loans: $573.5 Billion
Total Credit Union Investments: $221.2 Billion
Total Credit Union Net Worth: $89.8 Billion

Assets$910 B$119 M$41 B
Investments$221 B$29 M$6,555 M
Loans$574 B$75 M$31 B
Net Worth$90 B$12 M$3,858 M


Investments to Assets24.32 %96.44 %
Loan to Assets63.04 %100.19 %
Net Worth Ratio9.87 %93.58 %

Data from NCUA as of 3/31/2010

Largest Credit Unions in U.S. by Assets

  • Navy Federal Credit Union – $41 B in Assets
  • State Employees’ – $21 B in Assets
  • Pentagon – $14 B in Assets
  • Boeing Employees – $8,850 M in Assets
  • Schoolsfirst – $8,294 M in Assets
  • The Golden 1 – $7,819 M in Assets
  • Alliant – $7,219 M in Assets
  • Security Service – $5,565 M in Assets
  • Suncoast Schools – $5,339 M in Assets
  • Star One – $5,115 M in Assets

Largest States in U.S. by Credit Union Assets

  • California – $126 B in Assets
  • Virginia – $77 B in Assets
  • Texas – $65 B in Assets
  • New York – $52 B in Assets
  • Florida – $43 B in Assets
  • Michigan – $39 B in Assets
  • Illinois – $33 B in Assets
  • Pennsylvania – $33 B in Assets
  • North Carolina – $32 B in Assets
  • Washington – $29 B in Assets

Largest Counties in U.S. by Credit Union Assets

  • Fairfax County – $44 B in Assets
  • Los Angeles County – $36 B in Assets
  • Wake County – $24 B in Assets
  • Alexandria (City) County – $17 B in Assets
  • Bexar County – $15 B in Assets
  • Santa Clara County – $14 B in Assets
  • Orange County – $14 B in Assets
  • San Diego County – $14 B in Assets
  • King County – $13 B in Assets
  • Sacramento County – $12 B in Assets

Largest Cities in U.S. by Credit Union Assets

  • Merrifield, VA – $41 B in Assets
  • Raleigh, NC – $24 B in Assets
  • Alexandria, VA – $17 B in Assets
  • San Antonio, TX – $15 B in Assets
  • San Diego, CA – $13 B in Assets
  • Seattle, WA – $12 B in Assets
  • Tampa, FL – $10 B in Assets
  • Sacramento, CA – $10 B in Assets
  • Santa Ana, CA – $9,305 M in Assets
  • Chicago, IL – $8,907 M in Assets

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Recent National Live Auction CD Rates
for October 16, 2011

TermNational Avg APY*Overnight
Auction APY†
High-Yield Savings Account Rates0.12%0.80%
3 Month CD Rates0.12%0.45%
9 Month CD Rates0.29%1.00%
1 Year CD Rates0.29%1.05%
2 Year CD Rates0.47%1.25%

More National CD Rates

Show me CD Rates offered to people from my state:    Alabama CD Rates  Alaska CD Rates  Arizona CD Rates  Arkansas CD Rates  California CD Rates  Colorado CD Rates  Connecticut CD Rates  Delaware CD Rates  District of Columbia CD Rates  Florida CD Rates  Georgia CD Rates  Hawaii CD Rates  Idaho CD Rates  Illinois CD Rates  Indiana CD Rates  Iowa CD Rates  Kansas CD Rates  Kentucky CD Rates  Louisiana CD Rates  Maine CD Rates  Maryland CD Rates  Massachusetts CD Rates  Michigan CD Rates  Minnesota CD Rates  Mississippi CD Rates  Missouri CD Rates  Montana CD Rates  Nebraska CD Rates  Nevada CD Rates  New Hampshire CD Rates  New Jersey CD Rates  New Mexico CD Rates  New York CD Rates  North Carolina CD Rates  North Dakota CD Rates  Ohio CD Rates  Oklahoma CD Rates  Oregon CD Rates  Pennsylvania CD Rates  Puerto Rico CD Rates  Rhode Island CD Rates  South Carolina CD Rates  South Dakota CD Rates  Tennessee CD Rates  Texas CD Rates  Utah CD Rates  Vermont CD Rates  Virginia CD Rates  Washington CD Rates  West Virginia CD Rates  Wisconsin CD Rates  Wyoming CD Rates 


†Overnight Auction APY is a sample rate for a nightly auction for a $50,000 deposit.

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Recent State Live Auction CD Rates
Alabama CD Rates
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Arkansas CD Rates
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