Spread the Savings: Get $20 for each referral, and help your friends save BIG on car payments!

Imagine if you could make $20.00 every time you told one of your friends about a good idea. Well, now at MoneyAisle.com, you can!

We recently launched our latest social effort to spread the word about the phenomenal savings available at MoneyAisle through car loan refinancing—our Refer-a-Friend program.

Here’s how it works in just 3 simple steps:

  1. Tell your friend about MoneyAisle.com either through email, Facebook, or Twitter
  2. Your friend refinances their car
  3. You make $20.00!

This program allows anyone visiting our page to recommend friends, which means, the referrer does not have to close a loan themselves. The money comes when your friend closes the deal.

One of the benefits to this program is that it is unlimited. You can tell as many friends as you want, and however many close a loan, you collect $20.00. So, if you tell 100 friends, and 5 of them refinance their car, you have $100 simply from forwarding a message.
The main benefit, however, is that you are educating your friends and family on a new, unknown way of saving. Only 1 in 20 people know that a car loan can be refinanced, so telling your friends could truly help someone who is paying too much on their monthly car payments.

To find out how to start sharing and help your friends, click here.

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