CD Laddering

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Another benefit of a MoneyAisle CD ladder is that it gives you the ability to spread your money across several banks or credit unions, limiting the deposit amount per financial institution to maintain all deposits under federal insurance limits.

How CD Laddering Works

Once you’ve elected to Build a Ladder, you’ll be presented with a table. Simply fill out the deposit amounts for each duration you would like to include in your Ladder.

You can currently deposit up to $500,000 per ladder, spread across multiple durations. If you want a 3-month CD and a 60-Month CD you can do that, or you can, for example, run an 18-month CD, a 9-month CD, and a 3-month CD. Make sure you’ve filled in a Deposit Amount for each account you would like included in the Ladder before running the Ladder auction.

Advanced Ladder Options

Advanced Ladder Options allow you to exert more control over how MoneyAisle’s CD Laddering service allocates your funds.

Suppose you have no preference over how much of your money is included in a single financial institution. In that case, you can leave the “No, don’t limit the amount deposited per institution.” radio button clicked. Conversely, if you would like to limit the amount of money deposited in a single financial institution to either the current FDIC/NCUA limit or the historic FDIC/NCUA limit, you can click the corresponding radio button. You also have the option of entering your own deposit limit.

Another Advanced Laddering Option allows you to set the number of CDs per Duration – you could, for example, run a ladder with two 12-month CDs and one 18-month CD. The Quantity field is located next to Deposit Amount on the Advanced Ladder Building page.

CD Laddering for Credit Unions, Businesses, or Organizations.

If you represent a credit union, business, or organization and want to take advantage of MoneyAisle’s CD Laddering, please sign up using our Registration page for Organizational Buyers.